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Google Adwords

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For this week’s New Media Driver’s License assignment, my fellow bloggers and I were instructed to try out Google Adwords.  We were asked to develop a small campaign promoting our blogs, track the results, and explore the potential Google Adwords has on marketing.  Prior to this assignment, I was aware Google Ad’s existed, but unaware of how easy they were to use! 

Here are a few pictures of my “ad campaign” in action.

there's my blog ad up at the top!

there's my blog ad up at the top!

there it is again, but on the right

there it is again, but on the right

The ad campaign I set up for my blog was realtively small.  Instead of buying “advertising space” on a website at a set price, Google Adwords allows you to set a price limit and control when your ad will appear.  My limit was 50 dollars.  Along with my price limit, I selected a few keywords for my ad campaign that would help focus Google search results to my target market.  A few of my keywords were, “graffiti”, “graphic design”, “advertising”, and my name; “Matthew Bender.”  The pictures above shows my advertising expertise at work.  When someone googles “graffiti”, their search results will usually include my mini-advertising campaign for my blog!

Here is a screenshot of some statistics over the past few days.  My ad has appeared over 8,000 times and it only cost me a little over 7 dollars!


Overall, this assignment was pretty interesting.  Google Adwords doesn’t give you a lot of creative freedom when designing your ads, but it certainly helps create awareness.  Being able to get your website link and/or name out there to people that might be interested in it has never been easier.

NFL Fantasy Files

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The Superbowl is right around the corner folks, and when I say corner, I mean this Sunday.  With this glorious day almost upon us, I figured I’ll post this YouTube I was linked to earlier today.  It’s absolutely AMAZING.  If you’ve never heard of Fantasy Football, it’s essentially a game played during the NFL season, in which you pick a handful of players to be on “your team” and compete against other teams.  It’s a lot of fun and there’s tons of websites that host these types of games, so check it out! 

This collection of videos comes from’s Fantasy File viral campaign.  I’m pretty sure most of these are fake, but there’s a few that seem to be very possible with a bit of practice.  Still, very entertaining.  There are also dozens more clips on YouTube.

Get your hands off my Heiny.

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Just got the jump on a new Heineken ad.  Not sure if this one is going to be on TV or not, but it’s still worth a look.  I had a good laugh at it, but I think it’s a little predictable.  The official title is “Walk-In Fridge” so you can already guess where this one is going.  I’ll be shopping around for price estimates for putting one of these in, I’ll post my findings soon.  Maybe I should try my luck at asking Congress for my own financial bailout first?

Would you like to add “New Media” as a friend on Facebook?

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In a recent assignment for my New Media Driver’s License class at Michigan State Univeristy, we were instructed to try out Google’s Blog Search.  I typed in “new media” and was pleasantly directed to a blog entry by a Mr. Robert Witham.  His post, titled “Explaing New Media to Old Media Friends and Family” discusses the rapidly changing world of new media and how many of our friends and family are sometimes completely clueless about this new marketplace. 

While reading Witham’s post, I couldn’t help but to chuckle a bit at the thought of a few family members I have.  Just recently, a few of my aunts and uncles joined Facebook and have requested me as a friend, and to be honest, I had to think about it for a few minutes before I finally clicked on the “approve” button.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family and have nothing against them, but Facebook was strictly “college only” for a long time.  It’s just  a little strange to see your 50 year old aunts and uncles interested in this type of social networking all of a sudden.

But Robert Witham’s right when he says it’s a bold new world in which we live and work.  New jobs that didn’t exist 2 years ago are sprouting up out of nowhere, while others are quickly becoming obsolete.  The lucky jobs can stick around, but only if they adapt.  Explaining this phenomenon to people not familiar with this incredible new marketplace can be like trying to teach a 5-year-old how to ride a bike for the first time.  The internet can be a pretty intimidating place at first, but once you get a feel for it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.  But the truth of the matter is, society at this day and age, already can’t live without it. 

A message to everyone over 40:  Prepare to scrape your knees once or twice, you’ll get the hang of it sooner or later.  I can gaurantee you’ll be jumping that bike over your dad’s old snowblower in no time.

A big thanks to Robert Witham for the insightful post!

Making Lemonade with Lemons and Snowmen with Snow.

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I know this blog is supposed to be geared towards advertising and graphic design, but I feel like I should treat all you readers to a little slice of life for a segment I like to call “Bendey’s Madness”.

So I woke up this morning and figured since East Lansing had been blessed with Spring-like weather and a temperature of 33 degrees, I’d go for a run around campus.  Unfortunately, upon my return to my house I noticed I was not only locked out, but also had no phone or idea where my roommates had ran off to.  I decided to pace around the garage tapping cinder blocks with a broom, hoping maybe one of my roommates would hear my annoying distress calls.  After about a half hour of solitude at my doorstep, I thought I might as well do something a bit more productive than bang on stuff scattered throughout our garage, so I decided to build a snowman.  The snow was perfect, I found an old pair of socks I could use as gloves, and I had nothing but time on my hands.

Here’s the finished product (oh and I did give him a nice masculine addition, just to prevent any possible “snowwoman” confusion.  Don’t worry, I blurred it out for the kids.)




It’s been probably about 8 years since I last made a snowman.  I think he turned out pretty good.  During my escapade this morning, I began to think about life’s simple little pleasures.  The stuff that happens to us everyday that can completely turn a bad day into a great one.  So I’ll leave you with my Top Ten List of exactly that.

10.  a tightly packed semi-inappropriate snowman

9.  a new bottle of body wash (or shampoo)

8.  a nice spontaneous thunderstorm on a lazy Sunday afternoon

7.  a new pair of socks

6.  a good sneeze

5.  smashing a glass bottle

4.  an XBOX 360 controller with fresh batteries

3.  a full tank of gas -(gives you the confidence that you’ll be able to handle any long distance police chases that you may somehow get involved in)

2.  getting a package in the mail

1.  when your roommate doesn’t run up and knock the head off your snowman when he gets home an hour and half later.  Thanks DA.

Goooooogle Earth

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Anyone ever used Google Earth?  For my New Media Driver’s License class our assignment was to explore one of Google’s many applications.  I always thought Google Earth was a neat little app to get a nice bird’s-eye-view of places around the world and possibly help with directions.  It’s been a couple years since I’ve checked up on Google Earth…boy did they go to town helping people go to towns.  Google Earth is like Mapquest on steroids!  I think the coolest part is the 3D buildings feature.  You can literally zoom down to eye level as if you’re walking down the sidewalk and look at at certain buildings as if you’re about to throw a rock through that 3rd story window where your freshman year Calculus professor has an office.  Wild.  This software is pretty important for the user looking for valuable information.  Not only can you see the real-life setting you may be exploring soon, but you can click on the little buttons that bring up Wikipedia entries, user photos, and even the 3D renderings of buildings and areas of interest.  I’m thinking this could really help with people trying to decide on colleges to attend, the planning of vacations, and just plain exploring!  I know I’ll be using Google Earth in the future.  I’m going to be vacationing in Negril, Jamaica this March and I need to estimate how far I’ll be able to walk along the coast after a night of heavy drinking before I get tangled up on some cliffs.  I’ve added a few screenshots of my world tour, check ’em out and do some exploring yourself!

Michigan State University - Breslin Center

Michigan State University - Breslin Center

Michigan State University - Spartan Stadium

Michigan State University - Spartan Stadium

Michigan State University - South Wonders Hall

Michigan State University - South Wonders Hall

This is where I lived my sophomore year at MSU.  The photo in the window is of a storm approaching campus taken by a student that later uploaded it to Google Earth.  This thing is nuts. 


Now what would a trip around the globe be without a stop in Dubai?  This place is insane, word on the street is they have over a third of the world’s cranes over there constructing buildings that make New York look like something your 5 year old cousin built with legos.  Looks like I might have to send my resume over in that direction pretty soon.

Manifest Hope: DC

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Regardless of your political stance, your opinion of Obama, or his visual idolization, you have to at least give it up for the incredible works of art in the Manifest Hope:  DC art exhibit.  Prior to Obama’s inauguration on Tuesday, Shepard Fairey and Yosi Sergant hosted a huge collection of Obama inspired artwork from all around the world.  If you’re not familiar with Shepard Fairey, he’s a famous graffiti artist known for his OBEY Giant posters that can be found all around the world.  He’s also responsible for creating the Obama “CHANGE” / “HOPE” posters.  Since his days on the streets of just about every major city, he has created a clothing brand called, OBEY, of course. 


Shepard Fairey


Here’s an interview with Shepard on the Colbert Report.

Here are just a few pics from the Manifest Hope: DC art exhibit, visit the First Set or the Second Set for more. 





This is what art is all about folks.  Inspiration.

Bud Light Viral

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I’m not going to lie, this morning I woke up with a pretty mean hangover.  It’s not too often that I wake up on my floor with all my clothes on and gum in my hair… but I think the wild night of drinking had something to do with it. 

After scraping my life back together and watching reruns of “The Office” for the better part of the afternoon, I realized…”hey it’s Monday!”  Now it’s pretty rare to be able to drink on a Sunday night (for most of us) and not have anything to do the next day.  Although MLK day gave us the extra long weekend, I told myself I probably wasn’t going to be doing any Sunday night partying again for a long time. 

But wait!  The Superbowl is right around the corner my friends and we all know what that means.  Parties!!!!!  Food!!!!  and Commercials!!!!  The great thing about being an advertising major in college is that you can party pretty hard for the Superbowl and not have to worry about not bringing your A-game to class Monday.  The majority of your professors will probably open up discussions on the commercials from the night before and have a lecture peppered with YouTube videos. 

So instead of napping and trying to re-hydrate myself today, I looked up some great commercials from the good ol’ days.  This one was never an official commercial, just an online viral for Bud Light.  Naturally, this one is hilarious.  Enjoy. 

Lebron and Nike – Real Chalk

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So last night I was with some homies watching a bit of NBA basketball, specifically, Lebron James and the Cavaliers putting on a clinic for the Hornets.  During a couple timeouts, the TV would skip to a shot of the giant 10-story Lebron James billboard in downtown Cleveland.  Nike’s “We Are All Witnesses” campaign featuring Lebron James has been getting a lot of attention over the past couple years.  Some say the gigantic scale of the billboard installations are an eye sore and violate the city’s highway beautification act passed during the Johnson Administration, but the billboards continue to stay up. 

During one of these camera shots I noticed something pretty clever.  Check this video out and take note of the steam rising up in front of the billboard.  See it?

Remember the Nike commercial I linked in the “Lil Wayne is slowly taking over the world” post last week?
Well, here it is again just in case you missed it…

I thought it was incredibly sweet how the billboard uses the cold weather and resulting steam from the building in front of it to make the chalk illusion similar to Nike’s latest tv spot.  Great heads up and planning by the folks in charge over at Nike.  Whether or not the billboards violate any laws, you gotta give ’em props for the clever idea!

Durex Condoms… it’s time to get it on.

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This latest viral is absolutely hilarious.  Done by Durex and titled “Get It On”.  I love the squeaking sounds throughout the video.  I’m not sure what to say about this one…except maybe…get it on?  Be sure to check out the outtake clip.   


The outtakes: