Short Films and Viral Vids

Nothing is better at killing time than surfing the web and watching short films, virals, and even the occasional banned commercial.  While doing just that, I stumbled upon a sweet little creative studio put together by 3 friends all with a passion for animation and design.  It’s called 3 Legged Legs and it’s very obvious that in between working for clients, they seem to keep doing this stuff for fun.  After watching a bunch of their videos I found a couple that were    just    plain    awesome.

Ricochet:  [WARNING-  This one is pretty graphic in some parts, so if you’re not a fan of movies like Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down…you might want to skip it.  And if you actually take my advice and decide to skip it…you’re totally lame.]


Humans:  This next one is also a little graphic, but it’s all cartoony.  Has a pretty thoughtful message too …so what’s not to love?

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