Lupe Fiasco breathes Hip-Hop


Last week’s Thursday night was something I have been looking forward to for quite a while.  The night started off with a nice trip to the bar with some of my professors and classmates…and my night concluded with another trip to the bar that left my roommate and I in a heated debate of East Coast/West Coast rap.  Specifically, Tupac and Biggie. 


Now before I open the door to any verbal abuse via the comments section.  My roommate and I had to agree on one thing, Lupe Fiasco brought it.  In between our trips to the bar Thursday night, we attended Lupe Fiasco’s concert here on our beloved Michigan State campus.  Last year’s show was great, but this year’s show sealed the deal for me.  Lupe will remain in the top 5 on Bendey’s List of The Greatest Hip-Hop Artists of All Time.

Here’s a video explaining why.

The energy Lupe and Bishop G (his hypeman) brought was on a different level.  Period.  For some artists, going through the motions is all it takes to sell out a show.  But when it comes to Lupe Fiasco, you often fear he’s going to collapse on stage from exhaustion, and no it never gets sloppy… this man breathes hip-hop.  Aside from a microphone breakdown during the second song, everything was seamless and incredibly intense.  Even the show’s opener, Asher Roth, every US college’s current poster boy, did exceptionally well.  Despite a failed attempt to burn a University of Michigan shirt on stage, his performance was crisp and on point. 

I’d add more videos from that night, but I’m still figuring out how to work this new camera, so here are a few pics instead.







2 Responses to “Lupe Fiasco breathes Hip-Hop”

  1. Ill, just wanted to let you know that I linked your drop over at my new co-blog…

  2. […] Lupe is one of the best performers I’ve ever caught glimpses of, I saw him put on for about 6-8 songs at GLOW IN THE DARK. All I know is that I gotta see him again. Check out his post and video of Lupe the Jedi over at VIVIDUNDERGROUND […]

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