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Biologics Plaster Sculpture

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Well Underground, it’s been a turbulent month.  First, no more new media drivers license, the class is officially over.  It was a great class, and I’ll be honest, this blog wouldn’t be here without it.  In additional news, I made it out of Jamaica alive.  It was an awesome trip and I had a BLAST, but that’s not to say I didn’t come home with some regrets.  With this blog inevitably becoming more “personal”, I’m going to shy away from discussing my emotions right now and get to the meat and potatoes of this post; the unveiling of my latest sculpture titled, “Biologics”. 

Now I’m no sculptor, in fact, I think I’ve maybe played around with clay once before in my life prior to this STA 114 (3d form) class.  It was surprisingly fun and very very messy.  Despite missing a few 8 a.m. workdays due to a faulty alarm clock, a hangover, and the tragic death of a friend, I had to spend most of my weekend going to work on the details of this latest piece.  First molded in clay, then cast in plaster to create a negative mold, then finally filled with plaster again and broken away, “Biologics” had another 5 hours of detailing put in.  Finally, infused with a nice flower growing from the exposed brain, I generally went for a organic/mechanical approach combining old snowboard clicker bindings, random scraps of metal, and plenty of washers and bolts to accent the obvious face.  The rock like chiseled effect was an accident.  I started hacking away chunks and satisfied with the progress, decided to leave it.  Well, I should probably quit talking about it and just show it to you guys.  Enjoy.










True Blood

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True Blood, an HBO original series, has come up with a nice little advertising campaign to promote their 2nd season set to start in May 2009.  Now I’ve never seen the show, but I keep hearing good things.  I usually stick to my Entourage and Summer Heights High when my school work schedule gives me a solid window.  If HBO keeps pumping out great TV like these shows, I have no problem shelling out the monthly subscription rates.  Here are the pics from the campaign. 




Pedal to the Metal

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I am quickly arriving at the glorious day that I will be awarded my official New Media driver’s license.  I feel like I’m 16 years old again, and let me tell you my friends, it’s a good feeling.  Here at the Vivid Underground, I have submerged myself into a lot of different things.  Through the guidance of Derek Mehraban, CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing and instructor of the New Media Driver’s License class at MSU, I’ve been driving (surfing) around the internet learning as much as I can about new media and social marketing.  But over the past several weeks, I’ve come to realize that this isn’t going to be a nice little internet driver’s license I’m getting…but that I’ve really been training for stuff like this…

Yeah, professional stunt/getaway driving is what I’m talking about.  Skip to the 1-minute mark.

For my final presentation I’ll be talking about a lot of different things I’ve learned and how much fun I’ve had.  Here’s a brief outline:

I.  Why did I enroll in this class?  Because I needed a 2 credit course in order to graduate and 2 Saturdays in Novi seemed pretty manageable.

II.  Discuss my blog and all the outrageous fun I’ve had with it.  Share a few of my friends blogs that I’ve helped get off the ground and the networking we’ve done together.

III.  Outline what I’ve learned and how it will benefit my company and my plans for after graduation.

IV.  Conclude with my overall feelings about the class and why it needs to continue for future students.

++ADV 450

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um, okay.  i can only assume Leroy Troy hung himself after this one.

um, okay. i can only assume Leroy Troy hung himself after this one.

Hmm…where do I start?  I guess I could start where I woke up this morning and a flying squirrel immediately leaped into my face.  Oh wait, I’m sorry, that was part of the dream I had, my bad. 

I guess I could say that I woke up around 6:30 AM this morning to do my daily crunches, my daily shower, and my daily kick in the groin I like to call STA 114.  STA 114 is actually my early morning 3D form class, which I am incredibly behind in since my absence last week (RIP Jeremy and best wishes to Allister) and had to spend the entire morning plaster-casting a metal and floral infused bionic man…it’s okay if you don’t understand, a future post will elaborate on that one.

After completely trashing my clothes and a few of my friends clothes in the plaster building, I started eyeing my ADV 450 class at 3:00 PM.  Now ADV 450 isn’t your average class; the “F” word is constantly tossed around, references to putting our balls in Kid Rock’s mouth aren’t rare, and the incredibly random field trip is always on the agenda.  Today the plan was to meet at Elderly Instruments in Lansing, grab dinner at a mexican restaurant, and finish off the evening with a special viewing of MSU‘s upcoming theater rendition of “Medea”.

First up is Elderly.  Now if you readers aren’t aware of Elderly Instruments, they’re an absolutely AMAZING guitar shop.  They are considered one of the best sources for EVERYTHING string instrument associated in the entire world.  I’m being completely serious right now, F guitar center, check out Elderly located at 1100 N. Washington St.  They don’t mess around.  Here a few photographs that I took of my adventure…


That picture on the far right is a picture of a $225,000 mandolin.  Yeah.  Our class is currently working on some advertising/marketing campaigns for Elderly so stay tuned in for some sexy ass designs soon.

Continuing on with class, here’s what we did next…


Shotgunned Bud Light on the Red Cedar river bank.

Apparently Scott (pictured in the far left pic) knows how to prepare a shotgunner with nothing but his naked finger.  You know everyone in 450 (including our professor) had to see it in action.  The series of pics located above illustrates this quite nicely…  and yes, that is my professor and fellow colleague, Jessie K, shotgunning a beer in the concluding pics.

Here’s more visual documentation of ADV 450:


Eric and Dan doin' the damn thing. Dan kicked Eric's assssssss!

So once the spontaneous drinking closed, the plans for mexican food and theater rehearsal were scratched — why?  I really don’t know why, I wan’t paying attention.  The drive home suddenly begins…but something isn’t right.  My passenger, Natalie, makes a comment about the adjacent store front named “Preuss Pets“. 

Hell yea, we’re goin. 

After spending an hour in Pruess armed with nothing but my camera, I came out alive with a memory card of photos.  Here are a few…

this guy wanted me to get his good side so we made arrangements

this guy wanted me to get his good side so we made arrangements



wait, which one is the male sea horse?  (DL Jim Gaffigan for all of you that didn't just erupt in laughter at that one)

wait, which one is the male sea horse? (DL Jim Gaffigan for all of you that didn't just erupt in laughter at that one)

this is the guy.  Cutest SOB you'll ever see.

this is the guy. Cutest SOB you'll ever see.



He's just sad because of the rain.

He's just sad because of the rain.

Enough of the stink-eye already, I'll wrap this post up soon.

Enough of the stink-eye already, I'll wrap this post up soon.

Ray Charles straight up, check the video below.

Ray Charles straight up, check the video below.

Well there you go Undergrounders, that’s what I do.  I take pictures of hilarious fish and shotgun beers during class.  The truth is out!!!

Thursday we’re heading to Detroit.  Why you ask?  Because we can. 

I’m sure I’ll have something incredibly rediculous to post again soon.

this guy's name is Fred and he's 62 years old!!! His wife was named Ginger (not pictured), but she's only 52...and looked like a total bitch.

David Meerman Scott = My Homey

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That’s right, David Meerman Scott is my homey, and he doesn’t even know it yet.

Well, it’s pretty simple…

For my New Media Driver’s License class here at Michigan State University, our required course text was “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”, by David Meerman Scott, naturally.  The book is a must-have for any students and professionals in the advertising, marketing, or public relations industry.  Actually, this book is going to be valuable to anyone interested in polishing their web presence.

Allow me to explain…

Lets say you’re interested in starting your own business and want to make sure people can find your website when they search for certain terms.  Get the book.

What if you want to figure out how to start up a blog?  Get the book.

Interested in finding out ways to not be such an annoying douchebag online and learn some web-ettiquette?  Get the book.

Basically, Scott knows what he’s talkin’ about.  His book is going to help you do the three things listed above and much much more.  The ways in which we all seek information at this day and age is rapidly changing and the internet is a big reason why.  Scott’s book dives into several different online formats, social networks, and forms of new media.  If you’re not very tech-savvy, the world wide web can be a pretty scary and confusing place, but Scott quells those fears with simple, yet detailed explanations and inspirational expertise.  I encourage all my faithful readers to check out his blog at WebInkNow, and my press release.  The “New Rules of Marketing and PR” isn’t just our textbook, it’s become our “New Media Bible”.