Biologics Plaster Sculpture


Well Underground, it’s been a turbulent month.  First, no more new media drivers license, the class is officially over.  It was a great class, and I’ll be honest, this blog wouldn’t be here without it.  In additional news, I made it out of Jamaica alive.  It was an awesome trip and I had a BLAST, but that’s not to say I didn’t come home with some regrets.  With this blog inevitably becoming more “personal”, I’m going to shy away from discussing my emotions right now and get to the meat and potatoes of this post; the unveiling of my latest sculpture titled, “Biologics”. 

Now I’m no sculptor, in fact, I think I’ve maybe played around with clay once before in my life prior to this STA 114 (3d form) class.  It was surprisingly fun and very very messy.  Despite missing a few 8 a.m. workdays due to a faulty alarm clock, a hangover, and the tragic death of a friend, I had to spend most of my weekend going to work on the details of this latest piece.  First molded in clay, then cast in plaster to create a negative mold, then finally filled with plaster again and broken away, “Biologics” had another 5 hours of detailing put in.  Finally, infused with a nice flower growing from the exposed brain, I generally went for a organic/mechanical approach combining old snowboard clicker bindings, random scraps of metal, and plenty of washers and bolts to accent the obvious face.  The rock like chiseled effect was an accident.  I started hacking away chunks and satisfied with the progress, decided to leave it.  Well, I should probably quit talking about it and just show it to you guys.  Enjoy.










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