True Blood


True Blood, an HBO original series, has come up with a nice little advertising campaign to promote their 2nd season set to start in May 2009.  Now I’ve never seen the show, but I keep hearing good things.  I usually stick to my Entourage and Summer Heights High when my school work schedule gives me a solid window.  If HBO keeps pumping out great TV like these shows, I have no problem shelling out the monthly subscription rates.  Here are the pics from the campaign. 




4 Responses to “True Blood”

  1. scully914 Says:

    That is awesome. I especially like the fact that people have already broken off a couple. Also, True Blood is a great show..not so much the season finale, but all the rest.

  2. This is a great ad campaign and seems that this pictures are getting alot of coverage which is great for True Blood. It is one of the best tv show to come out in years.

  3. Wow, that’s pretty cool!

  4. very cool campaign indeed. Enjoyed your story. I’ve written my thoughts on it as well, so check out EXECUTIVE PRODUCER 2.0. The season is pretty good so far, and congrats to HBO for continuing to air such original programming.

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