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For the Love of Music / For the Love of Art

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Damn, my final semester is almost over.  A part of me can’t wait to turn in that last final exam with a nice sketch of a supple pair of ass cheeks branded on the last page, butthe other part of me is pretty disappointed I don’t have an excuse to act like a 5 year old anymore. 

Thats right folks, no more college.  I love Michigan State, and I always have, ever since I was born.  Even though my college years have been a portion of the hardest times in my life, I don’t think I’d trade them for anything in the world.  I love this campus, I love the people, and I love the energy.  I’m sure as hell going to miss this place.  I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “cut the shit Bendey, just tell us what this post is about already.”  Well it’s of course about my final sculpture for my 3D form class.  Sculpting has never been anything that really interested me before, but over this past semester I’ve really fallen in Love with it.  I really think it’s the optimism involved.  For these projects I rarely went out to the store to buy materials; I would always hop in that dumpster out back or putz around the metal shop first.  The significance in finding something that someone threw away and using it in a manner that’s so incredibly foreign to the object itself really hits me in a weird way.  It’s almost like life; most of us will never get whatever we want handed to us on a silver platter, it’s up to us to work with what we have around us.  There’s no relationship created when you go to the store and buy the first appropriate cut of brass piping you see for a sculpture.  It actually begins to mean something when you scrounge around in trash for 30 min. looking for the perfect peice.  What you find is never going to be a perfect match for the blueprints you have in your head, but you’ll always find a way to make it work. 

This brings me to another obvious point you all probably saw coming.      Art and Love.

I’ve been thinking about Love quite a bit lately.  It’s a very sensitive and conflicting subject for me and recently it’s been a huge source of inspiration and contemplation in a lot of different ways.  There’s no question about it…I Love Art.  But there’s a huge misconception about art these days in the sense that there’s no money in it.  You either have to die first before you get recognized or you have to do something that’s incredibly revolutionary.  People often ask me, “hey man, are you really gonna be an artist for the rest of your life?” to which my reply is, “ahh well you know, i’ll always do it in my personal time but I dont know about professionally.”  The truth is, I’d like to slap everyone across the face that asks me that question.  I’ll never be an artist for the money and I’ll never stop being an artist because of the lack of money.  I do what I love and I love what I do.  It’s literally a passion, not a job or a career, a fiery bleeding passion.  I often find a connection with this specific mindset in music.  Music really moves me in indescribable ways and it would be foolish for me to try to describe it here.  I don’t use any drugs or substances, and I definitely don’t use anything to elevate any creativity…except for music. 

For the Love of Music.  For the Love of Art.

My final sculpture blends them both.  The outlets of creativity and the personal definition I have for each form expressed in a very dissected way.  Here are a few of the pieces to the puzzle…




Oh yeah, there will be 5 strategically-placed pieces of glass included as well…among other things.

The Birth of Quax

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I know you all have been waiting for this post.  For those of you that haven’t been keeping up to date, read this previous post that should get you caught up. 

So yeah, the picture above is undoubtedly Quax, my latest sculpture for class.  The base is a thin peice of wood that’s been elevated by about a half inch.  The bottom of the wood plank is painted with flourescent orange paint to give it I pretty unique hovering/glowing effect.  The sculpture itself was assembled with 3 dust pans, 6 empty cans of aerosol paint, an empty cardboard box, a chunk of styrofoam, an old winter coat, an old globe, synthetic fur, a paint bucket, and finally…a hell of a lot of paint.

Here are a few pictures:











Pretty damn creepy ain’t he?  Some of you may remember me saying that Quacks would never really die.  You might be asking yourself, “well geez Bendey, how’d you pull it off?  He looks pretty dead to me.”  True, but he ain’t dead, he just puked after eating an entire bag of cheetos. 

Proof that Quacks is still in there:

A Mixtape About Nothing = Everything

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Wale, Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, or Mr. DC himself.  Whatever you want to call him…he’s got a voice.  I’m sorry, not just a voice, I meant to say “The Voice”. 

In 07 he dropped the mixtape, “100 Miles and Runnin'” and “A Mixtape About Nothing” in 08.  Early this summer, his album, “Attention:  Deficit”, is due to hit record stores and you know this guy’s going to have to break out of the studio for an early morning CD run.

Before I start rambling, I’ll get to the meat’n’potatas of this post; Wale and his “Artistic Integrity”.


Don’t forget where you found it.  Done by yours truly; Matt Bender of Underground Art Concepts.  Word.

Cleveland’s Kid Cudi

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With all the attention my last piece was getting (Drake), I figured I’d sit down for an hour or two and put together another one fueled by the sounds and words that move me.

If ya’ll don’t know who Kid Cudi is, it’s about time you familiarized yourself.  His mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, is unbelievable.  Straight out of Cleveland, Cudi was recently all over Kanye West’s 808’s & Heartbreak release, and you may recognize his hit, “Day ‘N’ Nite”.  His sound is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, and after spending most of the fall and winter with Cudi lyrics literally writing the story of my life, I had to give props where props is due.

This piece is about his song, “The Prayer”.  It’s not a really popular song, but I found it got me through some pretty tough times during the coldest winter.  Give it a listen.

Here’s what you’ve been patiently waiting for:


Aubrey Drake Graham

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Drake?  You’ve never heard of Drizzy Drake??

Ok, stupid question.  Of course everyone has heard of Drake; the Canadian rapper/actor/singer currently collabin’ with Weezy and every other young undergrounder out there.  His recent release of the mixtape “So Far Gone” under his label, October’s Very Own, is definitely one of my top “albums” of 2009.  But…I do have some beef.  Where the hell is congratulations??  Yeah, I’m talking about this joint right here…

Incredible.  Pretty sure this track was recorded right after So Far Gone was released so I’m going to quit with the bitchin’.  I’m definitely looking forward to what Drake has in store.  This kid’s got skill.

On a side-note…one of my design professor’s told me I should start working on my “typography” so I did this the other day.  Copy it, paste it, print it, steal it, whatever.  It’s yours.  At least until Driz buys the rights to it.


Quacks will become “Quax”

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Quacks, this is everyone.  Everyone, say hello to Quacks.

Unfortunately, this will be the last anyone sees of Quacks.  He was hand selected by yours truly from a wide array of his peers sprawled out on a table last week in my sculpture class.  The assignment is to study Quacks–his form, his material, specific shapes, his skin/fur/feathers–whatever you want to call it, and finally develop my own interpretation.



It’s safe to say, Quacks will never be the same.  Since these photos, his stitches have been surgically removed, his skin pulled away, and his innards have been discarded.  Oh, but fear not my fellow Undergrounders, Quacks is not dead.  He will be reincarnated into a masterpiece where he will hopefully live forever.  Although I’d love to recreate Quacks into a gigantic robotic version of himself (he’s just so damn cute with his yellow bow and all), the assignment calls for a sculpture that’s anything but a larger replica of him.

Damnit.  All I want is a jumbo Quacks for the corner of my room that would double as a beanbag.

Oh, but you don’t have to worry.  While some of my classmates may be putting together monkey heads out of wood scraps, styro-foam teddy bear arms, and yarn-wrapped water bottle parrot wings; I can promise you I’ll be tapping into Quacks’ deepest thoughts and feelings.  What does he really want to be?  How does he feel about being crammed into an old computer box for the last 8 years?  What’s his favorite song?  What are his turn ons?  No, I’m not high.  Yes, I do have a trick up my sleeve.  I can’t give too much away…but I can describe “Quax” (his future name) as being…  graffiti + Ewok + hangover + kinky bondage + simple housekeeping + winter weather.  Once again, I’m not high (and I don’t plan on it).

How will I keep Quacks’ spirit alive once he becomes “Quax”?  You’ll have to stay sitting by your computer constantly refreshing the page until I update again.  Or you could check back next week.  Yeah, check back next week maybe.

Will you answer his final plea for help and save him?

No, because I already killed him.