Artistic Ammunition


Just finished my latest sculpture earlier today.

As described in my previous post, it’s all about my love for music and art.  Music is undoubtedly where I pull a lot of inspiration from, and I wanted to develop a sculpture that illustrated that.  The mass of painted objects are all connected to music in some way.  Cd’s, records, tapes, ipod, stereo, etc.  The glass aquarium that holds everything is supposed to symbolize (my) the human mind.  A transparent shell that allows for things to pass in and out of it almost.  Some of the music objects in the sculpture have obviously been sawed in half and then placed up against the glass to show this free flow of inspiration.  The final piece is the incorporation of the word “LOVE” which can only be seen from certain angles.  Luckily, I’ve taken some pictures so you all can check ’em out.

Let me know what you think!

"L" graffiti-esque written in black

"L" graffiti-esque written in black

"O" written in pink

"O" written in pink

"V" in white

"V" in white

"e" written on inside of stereo very small

"e" written on inside of stereo very small

Here are a few more pics.  Turn up that music too and spread the love.







3 Responses to “Artistic Ammunition”

  1. You have yet to disappoint… nice work sir

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  3. […] that go into the art and design process.  Paint, pencils, brushes, mouse buttons, fingertips, music, etc, etc, etc.  But how about your eyes?  Isn’t that tool #1, aside from your […]

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