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Charles Hamilton (music)

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charles hamilton

So I’ve been waiting patiently for my Macbook Pro to arrive…

The Apple Store claims to have it in your possession within 3-5 business days.  2 weeks have gone by since placing my order back in April.  Upon making a threatening call to John at Apple customer service, he informed me it would be here no later than Thursday (today).  Well John, despite wanting to carve your face up with my car keys, I have to thank you.  Because instead of drooling over my slick new Macbook for the past week and probably getting absolutely nothing important done, I’ve been vibin’ to Charles Hamilton’s entire discography, which has inevitably inspired me to do this…

typography charles hamilton

All you readers are probably pretty familiar with my “Portraits of a Voice” collection of hip-hop inspired artwork lately.  This of course, is the newest installment of said collection with an acrylic painted center featuring Charles Hamilton himself with the lyrics to “Most Likely To Succeed” off “DJ Skee Presents: The Best Of The Hamiltonization Process”.

I figured I’d switch it up a bit and go with the black background for Sir Charles.  Mostly because of the pink color I knew I’d be using from the start.  Deciding which song to type up was a challenge since there’s so many tracks I’m currently in love with.  This kid’s got skill.  Like natural-born skill.  He makes it look easy and in between the bite, he’s always got something important to say.  But yea, here it is.  Enjoy this shit.

PS to Charles Hamilton:  I couldn’t find an accurate or full set of these lyrics so I did my best in typing them up myself.  You might want to proof read this for me, haha.