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It’s Always Sunny Underground

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me-sticker2For everyone out there that knows me personally, you automatically should be aware of my freelance art business called Underground Art Concepts.  Although Forbes ranks it at 501 on their list of Fortune 500 companies, it’s safe to say I won’t be shelling out the cash for a sticker on a Nascar quarter panel.  I do however own a handful of decals that I regularly hand out to anyone that wants one.  Now you have to understand that Underground Art Concepts was first put into motion after a very close brush with death that I experienced back in the day while writing…but that isn’t what this post is about, I’ll save that story for another day.  So yes, you should immediately realize that I’ve spent some time ducking security cameras, red and blue light bars, and spend consecutive nights with different colored finger tips (my interview).  Underground Art Concepts is essentially me legally doing my graffiti for people that want to pay for it… except you won’t ever find any ads in my school newspaper, this business relies heavily on my fellow Undergrounders’ word of mouth, or in this case, word of sight.

My good buddy DKA and I have been seeing my UAC decals popping up around campus for quite some time now.  After a low-key night of NBA Jam on the SNES, a handful of beers, and our dissatisfaction of basic Comcast cable, we decided a pleasant stroll (no homo) through East Lansing’s binge drinking sector could offer a nice change of pace.  Armed with our cameras and our shared passion for the Underground scene of graffiti, we partook on a satisfying night of graff-culture and some degree of flattery for my own exponentially growing ego.  Here are a few of the night’s (and previous days) favorites…


A big thanks to my Underground street team…whoever you may be.

During our voyage, I was able to capture a few scrawlings that I found a little humorous.  I don’t know who this Origin guy is either, but he seems to be just about everywhere.  Stay up!


Spelling FAIL.  "See me after class..."

Spelling FAIL. "See me after class..."

God of Small Things

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As some of you may already know, I’ve been on a short video binge for a while.  This one uses a Canon 30D Camera, intervalometer, and a microscope to catch some nice microscopic videos.  This was done by Elo Meno Pe, my only complaint is that it isn’t long enough.  Check it out, anyone know what might have been filmed?  Some parts look like chemical reactions and boiling water.

Spartans Going to Drop the Hammer

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It’s usually about the beginning of August that I start to get that football itch.  You can hear the drumline practicing outside Jenison Fieldhouse (the house Magic built), the whistles are blaring from inside the sealed Duffy Daugherty practice field, and the sponsored white tailgate tents are beginning to take their form on fresh clipped campus grass patches.  I know it will only be a matter of weeks until the fight song will be broadcast through every speaker at 7 a.m. every saturday morning, QD will sell out of kegs by 8 a.m., and Willie will be set for cash for the next weekend by noon.

This year, I won’t be attending any football games as a student (maybe thats why the football itch is settling in so soon?), but I’ll be alongside my fellow Spartans as we rape the rest of the Big Ten.  Last year showed promise as we ended the season ranked #18, made it to the Capital One Bowl, and got some big key wins under our belt.  Coach Dantonio definitely has his team on the right path and I’m predicting at least a 10-win season for 2009.


Now to tie this post into advertising and great graphic work; here’s MSU’s 2009 promotional video.  This thing gave me the chills.  Get your tickets!!!

Banksy Does It Again

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banksy3Banksy, the world’s most famous anonymous street artist is up to his old tricks once again.  This time he’s taken over Bristol’s Museum “secretly”.  He’s always been known for slyly smuggling his own artwork into art gallery’s and museums around the world like the Louvre, with most of it not being noticed for several hours, sometimes several days.  You may also remember him from successfully vandalizing 500 copies of Paris Hilton’s album throughout 48 UK record stores.  I’m not talking about running in there and stenciling the covers…he actually stole the CD’s, remixed the songs to his liking with DJ Danger Mouse, doctored the album booklet to portray Paris topless and with the head of a dog, and then successfully smuggled the cd’s back into the record stores.  Read about it here.



Every Team Needs The Spark

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I’m a pretty big soccer (futbol) fan I’d say.  Played all through high school, commonly referred to as the “glory days”, where it seemed all we did was win.  Since college I’ve spent most of my time playing Fifa (don’t challenge me because if I lose, I’ll hate you forever) and juggling in the streets with my fellow footballers.  I’d occasionally practice with a handful of guys on MSU’s team and if we weren’t practicing, we were all getting drunk somewhere…naturally.  Although I consider myself an avid player and fan, it wasn’t until the past 4 years that I’ve really got into the international scene.  Its literally crack.

A handful of my homey’s over at Code 2 were in Chicago for the US/Honduras qualifier match the other day (jealous).  My little bro was in Germany for the Euro in ’08 (so jealous).  And some good friends overseas were in town for the Champions League final in Roma (so jealous I’m crying).  I’ve yet to go to a big match, but it remains at the top of my bucket list.

I came across this gem earlier this morning.  It’s an ad for Adidas new F50’s featuring Messi and Zidane.  Both names should be familiar to even the smallest soccer fan.  If not…get out now.

Great ad, great shoes, and great players.  Some would argue Zidane’s career was tarnished by his lack of judgement in the Euro last year…but I don’t know.

I guess if Charles Barkley can get a DUI, make a fool of himself on the golf course, and shoot the ball like he does nowadays…we should be glad these guys are still finding work somewhere.

The UAC + Code 2 Avenue Takeover (phase I)

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IMG_4715AHHH FINALLY!!  Sorry about the week-long hiatus.  I’ve been hard at work the past two weeks gettin’ fresh to death on an exlusive skateboard for my buddy over at Code 2 Avenue.  If ya’ll haven’t followed my past links to the Duecer’s, it’s about time you did.  Their posts always leave me laughing my ass off.


This latest piece is a skateboard for my buddy Sean and his fellow core group of guys that also run Code 2.  Before I started this one I knew I wanted to do something special.  I actually videotaped myself laying everything out and painting it and then sped it up to 2000%.  I still had to edit a few parts out to get it down to the length of one song, which by the way is titled Hayling by FC Kahuna.  You may remember it from the Paul Rodriguez trailer a few posts back.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.  Yea, the quality is pretty shotty, but I don’t think it turned out too bad for my first attempt.