Free Plaxico Burress

plaxico-burress-on-phoneMany of you have probably heard about the New York Giants Pro-Bowl wide receiver, Plaxico Burress.  If you haven’t, apparently he accidentally shot himself in the leg while inside an Manhattan nightclub a while back.  Just two days ago he accepted a plea bargain that landed him with a ruling of 2 years in prison.  2 YEARS??  C’mon people, the man’s not a bad guy.  He made a stupid mistake without a doubt, but 2 years in prison??  Isn’t prison supposed to be for violent criminals?  Not good citizens who make one stupid mistake?  In my opinion, he should’ve received an ass load of community service with maybe a month or two in the slammer.

Now Plax is one of my own.  We both received our degrees from Michigan State University and I can remember watching him every Saturday take the field at Spartan Stadium.  Sure, Michigan State has produced some great wide receivers…but they never seem to make it work in the League *coughCharlesRogerscough* for one reason or another.  I just hate to see a great guy and a player I’ve looked up to for so long get everything he’s worked so hard for stripped away.

In honor of the man who’s being locked away for all the wrong reasons, I thought it was only fitting to find a way to show some support.  Come get yours.  UAC STORE.


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