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A Breath of Fresh… Business Cards?

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10I was Stumbling earlier today and happened to strike gold.  Over at Web Designer Depot was a nice little enormous list of 100 creative business cards.  I’ve been thinking it’s about time I got a stack of real nice business cards.  I’ve taken the time to print off my own before, but they usually end up looking cheap and there’s only so much you can do with an inkjet p.o.s.  Now I just need to find a place that can print on slabs of beef jerky…

Here are a few of my favorites from the gallery.  You can check out the rest HERE.












Range Rover Gets Fitted For Thug Livin’

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I must be kidding, right?

A 2010 Range Rover stocked full of gun racks, liquor cabinets, and classic italian leather complimenting the basic needs for every hooker-pusher?

I MUST be kidding, but I’m not.  Holland & Holland is coming out with a Range Rover OverFinch Edition next year to cater to all those that need a steady stream of expensive liquor and a cozy place to keep their guns while on the road.  Only 100 will be made each year so get in line while you still have time.  The best part?  Each one rolls out of the factory fully stocked with Ivan the Terrible Luxury Vodka, Hendrick’s Single-Batch Gin, Pol Roger Champagne, Balvenie Single Malt Whiskey, and Willow Spring Water.  You’ll also be getting regular shipments of all beverages listed above just so you’re prepared to take care of any tailgating emergencies you may come across.  The only problem I see is whether or not my clips of live ammo will be compromised sitting next to my 16-inch subs.




Jugrnaut Makes Staying Fly Look Easy

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Jugrnaut LogoAHHHH Finally got my fitted!!  Apparently I wasn’t quick enough last time around and missed there last shipment.  Unfortunately, I’ll probably never get my hands on my lost love.  That’s why I made a promise to myself to be first in line for their Fall line of New Era Fitted’s.  Thanks to Manny for the lightning fast shipping, my Jay Bird is keeping me warm right now and will for many nights to come.

Jugrnaut Jay Bird

Jugrnaut Jay Bird 3

If any of you aren’t familiar with Jugrnaut yet, I suggest you check out this interview linked over from Code 2 Avenue.  It was a couple years ago that I first heard about Jugrnaut and their downtown Chicago boutique, and lately it seems that they’re just getting fresher and fresher.  Next on the agenda is too get some artwork hanging up in there.  I’ll see you guys Friday, save a 7 1/2 Gambit for me.


Jay-Z for Rhapsody

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Just found this great ad for Rhapsody and Jay-Z’s highly anticipated release of the Blueprint 3.  I think a meshing of the cover for BP3 would’ve made this ad complete…how?  Not sure.

Jay-z Blueprint3

But I suppose it’s the only album without his face on it.  Very creative and well done either way.  Check it out below.

Lupe Fiasco Kinetic Typography & LupE.N.D. Artwork

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Anyone know when Lupe’s next album will be dropping?  A while back I heard rumors of a 3-disc finale that would be his final farewell to hip-hop.  Next I heard of 3 separate albums released by June of 2010.  Next I heard that the album scheduled for a June 2009 release will be finally hitting stores in December.  All the different names floating around has been giving me a headache, I don’t know which is what, what is where, or what the hell is in this mixed drink right now.From my research I’ve gathered; Lupe’s pissed off at his label, which is terrible news because I’m pretty sure shit’s the way it is right now because of the Atlantic/Lupe Fiasco fiasco.  I just hope some progress can be made soon.

Due to my fetish for great typography and film, I think anyone who shares these slightly weird (yet awesome) interests should check out this vid.  The song is “And He Gets The Girl” by Lupe and features N*E*R*D.

I originally drew out plans for a very large series of canvases featuring Lupe’s LupE.N.D. album inspired art coinciding with the release date….but, I think I may just sleep on it for a bit.  Despite holding off on that project for now, I felt the itch to do some artistic expression, at least on a smaller scale.  Hope ya’ll enjoy this, I’d like to do a bunch of these (not just of Lupe) so let me know if you’d like to see more!

lupe-lasers-portraitDue to the recent copy+pasting+printing+selling+promoting+straight up stealing some of my art, I’m not going to be posting up any high-resolution files like I did before.  Thanks to everyone who has contacted me about certain projects in a respectful manner, I really do appreciate it.