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15 Creative Vodka Bottles

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Like any product, the packaging can be just as important in getting a sale as the content inside it.  Alcohol packaging seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to applying a creative twist.  Check out a short list I’ve put together of some of the world’s most creative vodka bottle designs.

Double Cross Vodka

Tentation Vodka

1000 Acres Vodkas

Damskya Vodka

360 Vodka

U’luvka Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka

Karlsson’s Vodka

Roaring 20’s Tommy Gun Vodka

Waitrose Vodkas

Vertikal Vodka

Samurai Vodka

Oval Vodka

Bong Vodkas

Scorpion Vodka by Edible



Black Bones

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Found this earlier today and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  “Black Bones,” by Rhett Dashwood, is a creepy short film that makes your skin crawl.  Similar to a documentary about a serial killer, Black Bones is hard to watch, but you just can’t look away.

Song: Black Bones
Artist: Teenagersintokyo
Director / Producer: Rhett Dashwood
Cinematographer: Ari Wegner
Editing: The Butchery
Post Production: Digital Pictures

The Eye Writer

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There are a lot of “tools” that go into the art and design process.  Paint, pencils, brushes, mouse buttons, fingertips, music, etc, etc, etc.  But how about your eyes?  Isn’t that tool #1, aside from your brain?

The eyes, (Tool #1) is finally getting some technologic attention these days and it’s brought a tear to mine.  Let me introduce to you Mr. Tony Quans a.k.a. the legendary LA graffiti artist TEMPTONE.

Tempt, suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), is a phenomenal artist.  But the disease has left him completely paralyzed…except for his eyes.  A new advancement in technology named, “Eye Writer” has enabled art to be projected anywhere solely by the mapping of eye movements.  Art is classified as an individuals contribution to society and the developers behind the Eye Writer are making sure complete paralysis doesn’t stop people like Tempt from making their contribution.  If you’d like to find out more, visit Eye Writer Initiative or check out the following articles; The Eye Writer – F.A.T., Eye Writer Allows Man To Paint Despite Paralysis and a collection of videos by Evan Roth.

Pigeon: Impossible

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This is a 6-minute CGI short done by writer/director Lucas Martell.  The film, “Pigeon: Impossible” took nearly 5 years to complete and the detail shows it.  This is Martell’s first attempt at CGI animation and it’s a solid performance that leaves his viewers standing in line for more.

“Walter, a rookie secret agent, is faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase.”  Read more about Martell and his film at Pigeon: Impossible.

Watch it here!

A World Full Of Munny

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You can never be too old for toys, especially if you’ve got the creative itch and a little depth to your imagination.  The Kidrobot “Munnyworld” exhibit put on at the Eloquent Delinquents Gallery in downtown New York this past week showcased some amazing “toys” designed by artists from all over the world.  The exhibit was based around the popular figures called “Munny’s” released by Kidrobot, which also produces similar figures and carries a striking clothing line .  The figures are purchased blank and encourage owners to customize them in any way possible.  A Munny, which has become quite the collector’s item,  can be bought by anyone, but the best of the best have ended up here in New York.  Here is an article detailing the show and a collection  of pictures.  Check the link for more.

All photographs are by Jesse Angelo.

Styrofoam Masterpieces by Cheeming Boey

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Most people buy a drink at the local coffee shop only to throw it away in the nearest trash can once finished, but that’s not what Malaysian artist, Cheeming Boey, does with his empty styrofoam cups.  Instead, Boey makes incredible works of art on them with a sharpie… and sells them for hundreds!  What started out as doodles when no paper could be found, Boey’s detailed foam cup artwork has gained him quite a bit of recognition since he first pulled an empty foam cup from a trashcan in 2006 [Orange County Register].  Check out a few examples of his foam cups below.  There are also plenty more on his Flickr stream and website, I Am Boey.



Definition of Vivid: Que Houxo

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A popular live painter from Japan has been turning heads with his unique artistic style around the globe recently.  His name?  Que Houxo.  Don’t worry, I don’t know how to pronounce it either, but I’ve seen him popping up all over the place and his artistic presence brings another visual element to the table; ultra-violet lighting.  I tried my hand at creating a “black light piece” a few years ago, but I found the lighting aspect was more suitable for the presentation and development process, rather than just the piece itself hanging up on a wall.  Houxo utilizes this idea very well.  There are no lines, no borders, no do-over’s in his work.  It’s essentially an unleashing of creative build-up upon the wall in front of him, halfway in complete darkness.  Usually fueled with an inviting soundtrack, Houxo sets up his desired atmosphere and focuses in on the work to be done in front of him–almost as if the audience isn’t 10 feet behind him.

Houxo uses flourescent paints coupled with flashing ultra-violet lighting during his live painting performances.  He’s got plenty of live shows under his belt for everyone to check out on YouTube, but I think I’d rather get my rocks off at one of his live performance one of these days.







You can check out more on Que Houxo at the Flickr pages, Questa and Day_and_Night.  There’s also this thing called “Google” that could be useful.

Keep it real,


Assassin’s Creed 2: Eyes

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Some of you may remember my previous post on the print advertisement for Assassin’s Creed II about a week ago.  Well they’re at it again with another great piece of the campaign; this time, a TV Spot.

If you haven’t already seen any of the commercials before, each face is part of it’s own separate ad, they’ve just been put together into one long ad for our viewing pleasure.  Notice how there’s zero dialogue in it–just visuals and a quick tagline at the end.  Aside from the eyes being really creepy (probably the intent), it’s very well-done and has a great cinematic feel…almost like it’s more than just a video game.  Check it out below.

I’ve never played this game, but have heard good things.  What do you think?  Worth the 60 bucks?  Rent first?

Spraypaint Lights

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Caught this unique installation of spraypaint cans converted into lights over at Zek Crew.  They’re known for their “random and conceptual visual interventions.”  It’s just too bad they’re located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

These recycled lights were recently featured in the Light Guerilla competition in Galerija Vzigalica as one of the top 25 entries.  They’re definitely worth a look.

I’ve always had the itch to create something out of all the empty spray paint cans I go through; I just didn’t know what.  Maybe I’ll take some notes from ZC and put those old cans to work.



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Ahhh, the brilliance of perspective strikes once again.  You all may remember my “Art+Music=Love” sculpture from a few months back where I hid the word, “Love” within the assembly of painted/maimed music memorabilia.  Also, Jay-Z’s latest album, “the Blueprint III” utilizes a similar approach for the cover.


It’s all about the perspective.  From every angle (except for one), the intended image looks distorted and unrecognizable.  It’s a very difficult to achieve, but packs a powerful visual punch.

Here is the rest of the Anamorphism collection by Ninja 182, brought to us by the graphic design studio, Truly Design.

A big thanks to Format Mag, check out additional information for Anamorphism – by Ninja 182.