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“EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP” a film by Banksy?

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Word on the street (the internet) is that the most anonymous movie is about to take the world by storm, starring the world’s most anonymous street artist, “Banksy“, who is also now the world’s most anonymous director.

The film, titled “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, unexpectedly premiered at Sundance a few weeks ago.  Supposedly it’s the true story of an aspiring-filmmaker and his search to befriend and eventually reveal Banksy’s true identity.  Not so fast though, because Banksy turned the camera on him… letting the greatest street art film never made become a disaster.

Screenshot of Banksy in EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP

Now I was able to find a few articles about the screening, reading them several times over, but was only able to come to the conclusion of “…what the hell is going on?”  I’ve never seen anything as intriguing as this and there is no doubt that I’ll be waiting in line for it on opening day.  The film is rumored to be released in the UK on March 5th of this year, but some will be able to see it in an underground theater built specifically for it’s viewing, the Lambeth Palace.  Still no word on when it hits US soil.  Check out the trailer for “EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP” below.

NEWS: Mail Online, The Gaurdian, Newser



Jordan x WK Interact for “Nightmares Never Sleep”

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Jordan brand unveils newest addition to “Nightmares Never Sleep” campaign.  Famous street artist ,WK Interact, heads down to Manhattan’s lower east side to actually paint the billboard featuring Dwayne Wade.  Check out the process in the video below.  Really awesome stuff.

And if you haven’t seen the full TV spot yet for Nightmares Never Sleep, check it out.  Pretty over the top…but aren’t all nightmares?


New UAC Business Cards

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The new business cards came in today = this guy is pretty excited.

1. Sleek

2. Simple

3. Informative

4. Easy to read for the elderly

5. Freelance/Agency Appeal

Layout Proofs:

I also updated the website again (I know, but I just can’t help myself sometimes).


Hu2 Decals Make My Domestic Goods Water

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For everyone familiar, you know I have a bit of a decal fetish.  They’re on the fridge, toilet, desk, printer, laptop, snowboard, and even the bedroom door.  But the decals they churn out over at Hu2 make mine look like nicotine patches.

Found this postfile over at Abduzeedo.  Loved the pics, so hit them up for the rest of the set, or even better–get to Hu2 Design’s main page and indulge for several hours.

I’m getting that pen tool out as we speak…


FreshBump’s Visualized Design Quotes

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The guys over at FreshBump embarked on a sweet project a short while ago; commission 10 graphic designers to visually interpret those inspiring (and even annoying) ever popular design quotes.  You can find the original post here at FreshBump or check out the images below.  Click the names for more info on each of the designers.  I want some of these prints!
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Yamashita Shadow People

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ProfileLooks photoshopped, doesn’t it?  Oh, but quite the contrary my dear Underground, its the work of Kumi Yamashita of Japan.  She’s “bends” light around strategically placed objects and metal/wood templates to create her mind numbing installations.  Check out some pics below and her website here at Kumi Yamashita.  Truly amazing stuff.




City View



UAC x DOPE Couture

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“Les modes passent, le style est eternel.”  For all of you that need a French lesson, the translation into English is essentially, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

An in-store collaboration between yours truly and DOPE Couture was set in motion last month.  The DOPE Couture HQ down in Indianapolis needed some installations done and I was given the lead by my partner in creative world domination, T. Hakes.

DOPE, the brand of clothing you’ve seen grace the chests of hip-hop leaders and cats with a solid fashion sense, is a potent taste of… well… complete dopeness.  Check ’em out, you wont be disappointed.

Pics of the work below:


Coke Happiness Machine

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Coca-cola recently released a viral titled the “Happiness Machine” that shows the iconic drink dispenser being installed in what looks like a college library.  If you were wondering, happiness ensues.  A pretty great idea, especially for a viral, although the human hands coming out of the tray at the bottom might have started off pretty creepy.  They were also able to find some Kid Cudi and John Legend look-a-likes at 1:05 and 1:07, lol.