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Simon Page Just Made My Head Explode [Part One]

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Just caught some buzz about Simon Page, a self taught graphic designer based in the UK, so naturally I had to give him a look.  Like Simon, I’ve pretty much taught myself everything I know in the world of graphic design, but I might as well go back to drawing with crayons compared to this guy.  Simon’s work generally focuses on geometric design, typography art, and illustration.  For a few of these… it looks like it could have taken him a full year to design.  Here’s a handful of some of my faves.  Stay tuned for Part Two!

For more examples of Simon’s work check out his website @ or his iPhone friendly portfolio.

You can also follow him @SimonCPage.

Stay tuned for Part Two!


Confessions On Life, Death, & God

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Postsecret is a popular website/blog created by Frank Warren that collects revealing confessions anonymously written on postcards.  The success of the site has opened the door to “Confessions on Life, Death, and God,” a book showcasing some of Postsecrets favorites.  An intimate video was created to coincide with the book’s release, which may seem similar to a few other videos you’ve seen on this site.  Benjamin Reece, the director and creator of the “Fifty People, One Question” videos has been working with Postsecret, Crush + Lovely, & Deltree to produce a really touching video.  Check it out below.


AIDS Graffiti [NSFWish]

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The dick.

It’s a funny thing really… just hangin’ there… keepin’ it real–of course.  Always seems to end up doing it’s own thing, hah, am I right–or am I right?  The male tool of sexual awesomeness is essentially a mainstay in pop-culture comedy…

…but it’s also every man’s secret weapon of mass destruction population.  Plus, nobody thinks gonorrhea is as cool as it used to be.

I’m not sure where this ad was on the air, but I’m guessing Europe?  Maybe just a viral?  Either way, it’s still hilarious with an everyday customary setting (for public restroom veterans) that communicates a very important (ideal) decision for anyone out there gettin’ down without a crown.

Don’t be silly, protect your Willie.


Floppy Disk Paintings by Nick Gentry

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Artist Nick Gentry has a beautiful collection of paintings.  At first glance, his work is stunning.  You notice the dynamic use of color, you notice the subtle rigidity of the floppy disks, the bits of bare metal still exposed, and so on.  But it’s after a few seconds of staring at a few pieces where you begin to see the detail.  Nick keeps each floppy disk alive as it’s own unique piece of the story.  Notice the way you can still read some of the labels, see the HP OfficeJet logos, and watch the colors of the plastic help paint (or break up) the rest of the painting.  Truly impressive.

More at his website, Nick Gentry.


Typographic Portraits

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MBender VU UAC typographic portraitsI found this collection of amazing typographic portraits the other day and thought I’d share them with ya’ll.  I don’t know the names or sources on each pic, but you can visually enjoy some lo-res eye candy for now, right?

Side note… typography is the most underrated art form of the modern world.  True story.


The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds

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Ok, so what happened was The Weinstein Co. was all like, “we should so somethin’!” and then the SA Studios marketing division was like, “yea fo’ sho!” and then Upper Playground was all up in it with like, “hell yea, lets get it ya’ll!” and then Quentin Tarantino was all like, “helllll yeaaaa!” then 13 hand-selected artists were probably like “stop callin’ me.”  So… now we have ‘The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds‘.  It’s pretty much the best story I’ve ever heard, but believe it or not, the art is a lot better.  Suck it all in folks.  Six copies of each, priced at 300 per, only available in person in downtown L.A., guaranteed gone.

Estevan Oriol

Jeremy Fish

Alex Pardee

Patrick Martinez

Nate Van Dyke


Dora Drimalas

David Choe

Sam Flores

Munk One

Morning Breath

Rene Almanza

Skinner Davis

What’s your favorite?


MTV HD “Crow”

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PSYOP Studios developed a beautiful spot for MTV’s new HD network called “Crow.”  The network will feature exclusive full HD music and videos from MTV, VH1, CMT.  I’ve heard there is actually a :90 second short of Crow out there that will be shown on MTV sometime this March, but haven’t been able to find it online.

The video clip is stunning and does a beautiful job with it’s transitions.  Crow is directed by Marco Spier and Marie Hyon.  Check it out below, also some incredible stills from Dexigner!