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Marisa Lingerie

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How do you close your lingerie store for remodeling without losing the public’s interest?

Although this is in Portuguese, you can probably get a solid idea of what’s going on.



NIKE Music Shoe

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Found this awesome viral commercial today.  The new Nike Free running shoe takes center stage as several pairs act as instruments for 2 DJ’s.  I didn’t think it was real until I watched the “making of” video.  Both are below.

How cool was that?!


The UAC Tabloid Project

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So I was thinking the other day (yeah, I know, weird) and came to the decision that I was going to spend this week designing posters of my own favorite personal quotes.  By “personal quotes,” I mean the retarded stuff I tell myself when the going gets rough… or just phrases I think about that make me smile. I don’t want to release them all yet, but figured the 8 people that follow this blog could use a quick taste.

These 2 posters are meant to be viewed in succession and are my current favorites.  They also took a loooooong time to develop.  The random sketches are a ton of swatches I pulled from the margins of my high school/college notes over the years.  Hell, you might even see the earliest inspirations for some current paintings I’ve done!

Stay tuned for more…


Shepard Fairey – MAYDAY

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Looks like Shepard Fairey is up to his old tricks again.  And when I say “tricks,” I mean pure artistical brilliance.

The MAYDAY exhibit will run from May 1st to May 29th at Deitch Projects in New York and will consist of a rather large collection of new artwork.  Here’s an excerpt from Shepard Fairey originally posted at World Famous Design Junkies: “These people I’m portraying were all revolutionary, in one sense or another. They started out on the margins of culture and ended up changing the mainstream. When we celebrate big steps that were made in the past, it reminds us that big steps can be made in the future.”

Here’s a sneak peak:


World of Paper

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I love this new ad for Scribe (a notebook producer) out of BBDO Mexico and Cru de Ladies.  Such fantastic attention to detail and it was done in only 2 weeks!!


How To Draw All Sorts of Crap

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I found this while perusing the interent the other day.  It’s as useful as it is awesome!  Not exactly sure who did this, the only name I was able to find was “Coelasquid.”

Thanks Coelasquid!! (click image to enlarge)


The Storia of Hip-Hop Euphoria

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Sorry for the long wait, but for anyone that’s been up in East Lansing for a week straight with zero education obligations… you should understand.

Let me start off by saying I’m a HUGE hip-hop fan and always have been, so when I heard Kid Cudi and Drake were going to be rolling through my home-away-from-home in the same week, I knew I was going to have to set up camp and get my kicks in.  Here’s the rundown of a week in Hip-Hop Euphoria:

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Spring Hip Hop Review COMING SOON

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UPDATE: What you were probably looking for.



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Whoa… this is so cool, especially the end! “Pixels” by Patrick Jean.


Simon Page Just Made My Head Explode [Part Two]

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I promised a “Part Two” so here it is.  This set of Simon Page‘s work focuses on typographic years.  I used to do this stuff everyday in the margins of my notebook during my note-taking days; specifically with each days current date.  All of these are just so clean and dynamic, I love it.  This is how I’m going to start dating my checks from now on.

Once again, here’s where you can find him:

Simon Page Website / iPhone friendly Website

Tweet him @simoncpage