The Travis Kingma Band

Peanut butter + jelly.

Summer + BBQ.

Baseball + hotdogs.


The Travis Kingma Band is made up of Sam Weber, Peter Breithaupt, and Travis Kingma. The Travis Kingma Band and I (Underground Art Concepts) have been working together since…well.. the very beginning. Both our beginnings actually. I went to high school with all 3 of these musical prodigies and before we all knew it, we were in 5th gear pursuing our dreams side-by-side.

Earlier this week they had their CD release party at the Strutt in downtown Kalamazoo (unfortunately around the same time Obama was speaking 200 yards away) and to say the least… I was blown away. The new album, Speed Record, hit iTunes and our ears earlier this Spring, but it had been a while since I saw them live. The show was ridiculous…I mean who gets chanting for an encore in a bar in Kalamazoo with a stage the size of a kiddie pool? The Travis Kingma Band does.

It’s been amazing to watch them and their music evolve, I’m just so fortunate I was able to be a part of it. Thanks guys–ya’ll are somethin’ else!

Oh yea, check out their new music video, titled “Firefly.” <—I absolutely love this by the way.

Buy and/or listen to Speed Record @ CD Baby

Become a fan already!!

Space face ’em!

A big thanks to T-Rex, Sam, and Pete for such an awesome show, and well…of course the continued biz!


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