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Bendey’s 25 Worst Family Xmas Tree Ornaments:

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Here at the Bender household, we have a handful of holiday traditions. Some have come and gone, some were retired after age 12, and some were just forgotten. But one tradition that has stuck around for all my years on this earth is making our family Christmas tree ugly as hell. It’s pretty easy to achieve, especially when half our ornaments were made in the 50’s and the other half were hand-crafted by my brothers and I through grade school. In the past, my parents have tried to make it a tree to be proud of, but at the end of the day, I’m going to find a spot to hang that sequined cotton ball nightmare. During my younger years, I felt every ornament deserved it’s fair share of the holiday spirit and would stop at nothing to find a spot for it among the tree, no matter how ugly it was. Now that I’m older, that principle that has worn off, but the tradition still remains: the Bender family Christmas tree is going to be ugly as sin, because it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

Here are a few examples of the Bender tree ornaments that have the ability to make babies cry.

Rudolph Pine Cone

The hot glue really gives this one character.

Psychedelic Kite

My Mom definitely got this one sometime back in college.


This one would be considerably less creepy if he had hands and wasn’t obviously lying about something.

Skiing Snowman

Are those Rossi twin-tips?!

Ms. American Mouse

I’m guessing this ornament was made back in ’59 when Alaska and Hawaii became our 49th and 50th states.

Asian Horse Thingy

Nothing pays homage to the birth of Jesus more than an ancient Japanese-style war stallion.


Ah, I get it, “pear tree”… good one.

Energizer Bunny

Some strange lady in Target gave this to me when I was 5.  I thought the 7-Up dots might have chiseled it for me.

Boy & Girl

I can see why some people might consider this cute, but what they don’t know, is that it smells like old socks.

Pink Victorian Boots

I don’t care how old you are.  This is not okay to have on a tree.

Santa Tie w/ googly eyes

Having trouble selling something?  Put googly eyes on it and watch the money start rolling in.

Bendey’s Kindergarten Christmas Masterpiece

This is when my design skills really took off.

Sleepy Elf w/ cape and lady bug

Not sure why, but to me, this one screams LSD.

Nesting Birds

The eyeballs on these two will make you want to vomit.

Puppy in Present

This one might be okay if the puppy didn’t look like it had just been hit by a bus.

Xmas Tree

They don’t get much lamer than this, my friends.

Santa Dog

I don’t have much to say about his one, except that I’m really really sorry.

Taxidermy Cardinal

Nothing like something dead and stuffed wired to your tree.

A Couple Christmas Bears

Is that a corn dog he’s holding?

Satanic Rocking Horse

Look at those eyes just literally oozing evil.

Singing Angel

The guy who did the lame Christmas tree from above was also responsible for this one.

Glittery Spider

Yeah, this one should have been thrown out back in the 90’s, but my Mom absolutely hates it.  Therefore, I keep him around.


Creativity Fail Of The Year:  1989

Mentally challenged mouse/dog type thing in a cloud

Looks like Picasso did this… when he was 4.

Well that’s the list. Our tree has never looked more hideous.

Happy Holidays!


Photoshop Fails: The Mega Post

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It’s safe to say Photoshop is a very useful program, but also very complicated.  The use of Photoshop to retouch images in advertising collateral is something that is used on a daily basis…and obviously some work is better than others.  Here’s a collection of some of the world’s biggest Photoshop blunders.  Whether it’s a lack of skill, laziness, or just plain stupidity, the following images should never have been cleared for printing.  But they’re incredibly entertaining for the rest of us.  Enjoy.

Now that is one skinny waist.


There’s nothing like stealing stock photography and covering your tracks… or leaving it on the tracks.  Either way this is bad–really bad.


I’m not sure what’s worse, the Simpsons-like 4 finger hands or the fact that she’s obviously not holding that computer.


Lesson #1:  If you plan to keep your job, make sure to remove any notes from the art director.


Wow, Val really toned up his jaw line for this film.


Another stock photo thief showing off his magic stupidity.


I wonder if it was that green sparkling water that gave Jennifer Love Hewitt a zombie foot.


Aside from the horrible tagline… I think that model’s head might be a tad bit too large.  But I don’t know, I’ve been wrong before.


Nice hand!


This one got Microsoft in some trouble for obvious reasons.  Wait a minute… is that a Macbook he’s using too??


Apparently she didn’t really lose all that weight from dieting and exercise, she just had her leg amputated.


This one is pretty bad, but I can’t blame the model and photographer for thinking a nude photo shoot in a subway would be a bad idea.


This designer and the one from Microsoft must be pals.  They’re probably both out of a job too.


I like to think that maybe the model was an actual amputee, but then I noticed the piece of collateral below.  How do you let a mistake like this actually make it to printing?!


HUGE neck, tiny head.  That’s how humans are supposed to look, right?


I’m not sure how they came up with this ad, but I’m guessing there was a lot of crystal meth involved.


This one just creeps me out.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this one was probably put together in less that 3 minutes.  But then again, copy+pasting kids is probably faster than that.


I guess the designer was more of a “boob” guy, rather than a “leg guy.”


Yep, definitely a “boob guy.”


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