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Guerilla x Influencer Marketing Activation

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This a quick video showing some great geurilla marketing for a preview release of Lost Planet 2 by ALT TERRAIN.

The video game copies were frozen in blocks of ice and placed outside select stores in a handful of cities around the U.S. The concept arose from the videogame’s narrative of an “ice planet” that is melting and breaking apart. Neat idea.


Cardboard Love ♥

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I love it when cardboard loves.

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The Travis Kingma Band

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Peanut butter + jelly.

Summer + BBQ.

Baseball + hotdogs.


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Get Your Hands Dirty

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The appropriately titled, “Dirt Poster,” is a recent project by New York designer, Roland Reiner Tiangco.  While removing the poster from it’s envelope, your hands become dirty.  And what do you do with dirty hands?  Well you smear them all over anything and everything you can find, duh.  The backside reveals the message…and I couldn’t agree with it more.

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15 Creative Vodka Bottles

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Like any product, the packaging can be just as important in getting a sale as the content inside it.  Alcohol packaging seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to applying a creative twist.  Check out a short list I’ve put together of some of the world’s most creative vodka bottle designs.

Double Cross Vodka

Tentation Vodka

1000 Acres Vodkas

Damskya Vodka

360 Vodka

U’luvka Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka

Karlsson’s Vodka

Roaring 20’s Tommy Gun Vodka

Waitrose Vodkas

Vertikal Vodka

Samurai Vodka

Oval Vodka

Bong Vodkas

Scorpion Vodka by Edible