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The UAC Tabloid Project Exposed

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I just did all these posters because work is slow… and ya’ll know I’m bored as hell.

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Simon Page Just Made My Head Explode [Part Two]

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I promised a “Part Two” so here it is.  This set of Simon Page‘s work focuses on typographic years.  I used to do this stuff everyday in the margins of my notebook during my note-taking days; specifically with each days current date.  All of these are just so clean and dynamic, I love it.  This is how I’m going to start dating my checks from now on.

Once again, here’s where you can find him:

Simon Page Website / iPhone friendly Website

Tweet him @simoncpage


Simon Page Just Made My Head Explode [Part One]

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Just caught some buzz about Simon Page, a self taught graphic designer based in the UK, so naturally I had to give him a look.  Like Simon, I’ve pretty much taught myself everything I know in the world of graphic design, but I might as well go back to drawing with crayons compared to this guy.  Simon’s work generally focuses on geometric design, typography art, and illustration.  For a few of these… it looks like it could have taken him a full year to design.  Here’s a handful of some of my faves.  Stay tuned for Part Two!

For more examples of Simon’s work check out his website @ or his iPhone friendly portfolio.

You can also follow him @SimonCPage.

Stay tuned for Part Two!


Typographic Portraits

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MBender VU UAC typographic portraitsI found this collection of amazing typographic portraits the other day and thought I’d share them with ya’ll.  I don’t know the names or sources on each pic, but you can visually enjoy some lo-res eye candy for now, right?

Side note… typography is the most underrated art form of the modern world.  True story.


FreshBump’s Visualized Design Quotes

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The guys over at FreshBump embarked on a sweet project a short while ago; commission 10 graphic designers to visually interpret those inspiring (and even annoying) ever popular design quotes.  You can find the original post here at FreshBump or check out the images below.  Click the names for more info on each of the designers.  I want some of these prints!
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UAC Does Lebron James + Nike

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What can you say about Lebron James?  I’m assuming quite a bit…and if there’s any point you didn’t cover, Skip Bayless could probably fill in the cracks.

Too young, too selfish, too lazy, too 23??  Lebron’s out to prove you wrong in 2010.

A little somethin’ I cooked up between my other projects.  I’ve got love for Cleveland all day… up until they face Detroit in late April.

[Note: Image by Sports Illustrated, logo by Nike.  This is NOT a real advertisement, nor is it endorsed by Nike, Lebron James, or S.I.]

UPDATE: You know Fernando Torres needs some love.  All my soccer/futbol fans out there, get at me for the full wallpaper.  (This isn’t endorsed by Nike, Torres, or the country of Spain either… )


Oh yeah, it’s my 1ooth post, show some love.

Vivid TypeFace

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Matthew Bender VU typographic face cropped

Just want to update the ol’ Underground with another vivid installment.  This latest piece I created is actually the product of a couple hours of viewing some Photoshop tutorials.  If you ever have a few hours to spare (or purposely set aside) I encourage any artist or designer to just surf the “intranets” and track down some walk-through tutorials.  I made some room in my incredibly busy schedule of being an unemployed college graduate the other night to polish up on some skills and of course, learn some new tricks.  As a recent college graduate, I’ve quickly realized the up hill climb to landing a job is quite a bit steeper than I originally anticipated, especially in the world of advertising and marketing.  More will come about this later.

So this is what I did the other night.  Turned out pretty cool I think.  Although this is just a practice piece, it’s opened up a new avenue of design ambition I’d like to continue to pursue.  You can find the tutorial at Tutorial Magazine and download the Photoshop brushes provided at Obsidian Dawn (ALWAYS credit your sources).  Stay tuned for more, I’m about to get my hands dirty.

Matthew Bender VU typographic face

Kid Cudi Ain’t Down With The Vivid Underground

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dont be fooled, he's not offering you a hit off his j.

dont be fooled, he's not offering you a hit off his j.

I received some very disappointing news last night.  One of my favorite hip-hop artists — no, I’m sorry, one of my favorite musicians off all time, is not a fan.  And yes, he was in my playlists back in 2007 when only a handful of people knew who he was.

For the past 4 months I’ve received an overwhelming amount of interest in some artwork I did last winter of Kid Cudi and his song, “The Prayer”.


After linking up with some guys in Kid Cudi’s hometown of Cleveland, we started making plans to receive a license to print t-shirts and posters for all the fans out there, who love Cudi as much as we do.  With me supplying the artwork and my contacts in Cleveland working on legal documents and product development, a line of communication was opened up between us and Kid Cudi’s agency.  After a month of unanswered phone calls from Cudi, his agency finally got him to sit down long enough for him to say, “nah man, I don’t want that.  I’mma pass”, before walking out.


I’m cool with him not being down with my stuff, I know it’s impossible to please everyone… but really?  Who turns down royalty money?  Who turns down hometown support like that?  Who wipes their feet on artwork like that?  Especially from a couple of your biggest fans just trying to show you some love?  Oh well.  A big thanks to Alex F. for all the hard work you put in.  I really do appreciate all of it.

I did this 2nd installment (probably the last) of Kid Cudi and his song, “Heart of a Lion”, a couple weeks ago.  I was waiting on Kid Cudi’s decision before making it public, but now that I see he’d rather pass, it’s for all you fans out there.

MBender_KidCudi-Heart of a Lion

I hope some people out there enjoy it.



Lupe Fiasco Kinetic Typography & LupE.N.D. Artwork

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Anyone know when Lupe’s next album will be dropping?  A while back I heard rumors of a 3-disc finale that would be his final farewell to hip-hop.  Next I heard of 3 separate albums released by June of 2010.  Next I heard that the album scheduled for a June 2009 release will be finally hitting stores in December.  All the different names floating around has been giving me a headache, I don’t know which is what, what is where, or what the hell is in this mixed drink right now.From my research I’ve gathered; Lupe’s pissed off at his label, which is terrible news because I’m pretty sure shit’s the way it is right now because of the Atlantic/Lupe Fiasco fiasco.  I just hope some progress can be made soon.

Due to my fetish for great typography and film, I think anyone who shares these slightly weird (yet awesome) interests should check out this vid.  The song is “And He Gets The Girl” by Lupe and features N*E*R*D.

I originally drew out plans for a very large series of canvases featuring Lupe’s LupE.N.D. album inspired art coinciding with the release date….but, I think I may just sleep on it for a bit.  Despite holding off on that project for now, I felt the itch to do some artistic expression, at least on a smaller scale.  Hope ya’ll enjoy this, I’d like to do a bunch of these (not just of Lupe) so let me know if you’d like to see more!

lupe-lasers-portraitDue to the recent copy+pasting+printing+selling+promoting+straight up stealing some of my art, I’m not going to be posting up any high-resolution files like I did before.  Thanks to everyone who has contacted me about certain projects in a respectful manner, I really do appreciate it.


Charles Hamilton (music)

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charles hamilton

So I’ve been waiting patiently for my Macbook Pro to arrive…

The Apple Store claims to have it in your possession within 3-5 business days.  2 weeks have gone by since placing my order back in April.  Upon making a threatening call to John at Apple customer service, he informed me it would be here no later than Thursday (today).  Well John, despite wanting to carve your face up with my car keys, I have to thank you.  Because instead of drooling over my slick new Macbook for the past week and probably getting absolutely nothing important done, I’ve been vibin’ to Charles Hamilton’s entire discography, which has inevitably inspired me to do this…

typography charles hamilton

All you readers are probably pretty familiar with my “Portraits of a Voice” collection of hip-hop inspired artwork lately.  This of course, is the newest installment of said collection with an acrylic painted center featuring Charles Hamilton himself with the lyrics to “Most Likely To Succeed” off “DJ Skee Presents: The Best Of The Hamiltonization Process”.

I figured I’d switch it up a bit and go with the black background for Sir Charles.  Mostly because of the pink color I knew I’d be using from the start.  Deciding which song to type up was a challenge since there’s so many tracks I’m currently in love with.  This kid’s got skill.  Like natural-born skill.  He makes it look easy and in between the bite, he’s always got something important to say.  But yea, here it is.  Enjoy this shit.

PS to Charles Hamilton:  I couldn’t find an accurate or full set of these lyrics so I did my best in typing them up myself.  You might want to proof read this for me, haha.