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Guerilla x Influencer Marketing Activation

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This a quick video showing some great geurilla marketing for a preview release of Lost Planet 2 by ALT TERRAIN.

The video game copies were frozen in blocks of ice and placed outside select stores in a handful of cities around the U.S. The concept arose from the videogame’s narrative of an “ice planet” that is melting and breaking apart. Neat idea.


Black Lab 5ive x UAC

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Black Lab Five is a local advertising agency/design studio here in Kalamazoo, Michigan making big things happen with a total workforce of 3. I first caught word of them a few years ago while searching for internships when I used to spend my summers back home. >>Fast forward 3 years, and whaddaya know, I’m in the studio posting up for a few days helping them out with some really badass projects.  When I say “badass,” I’m talkin’ BEER, MEAT, TATTOOS, and CLOTHING.  Sounds like my wheelhouse, right?  Just stay tuned Undergrounders, big things are going down in the ‘Zoo.

Here’s a small sample of our latest work together; the 2010 posters for the Michigan Brewer’s Guild Summer Beer Festival.

Might be part of a few ads soon, all though I’m not sure where yet.  More beer work will follow!


Marisa Lingerie

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How do you close your lingerie store for remodeling without losing the public’s interest?

Although this is in Portuguese, you can probably get a solid idea of what’s going on.



Clever Print Ad Round-Up

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Genuinely funny or clever advertisements are hard to find these days.  Especially in print.  In comparison to it’s cousins (commercials, billboards, radio, etc); print ads are projected to be dying off.  Advertisers are lucky to get a reader to actually look at their ad, let alone read it.  With this obstacle in mind, I’ve collected a few print ads that keep the reader in mind… captivating visuals, sharp headlines/taglines, and a creative approach.  Enjoy! (I’ve included the text on some for easier reading, happy holidays VU).

Fab Detergent

"Makes stains look harmless."

Maglite Flashlights

Che Men’s Magazine

"Let us keep dreaming of a better world."

Repella Insect Repellant

"Change the way insects see you."

Kraft Cheese

"With extra calcium for strong bones."

Hansaplast Ear Plugs

"You have never slept so deep."


"The Nikon S60. Detects up to 12 faces."

Lifebuoy Hand Wash

"You eat what you touch."

Ephydrol Foot Medication

"Ephyrdrol. Gets rid of deadly foot odor."

Omax Wide-Angle Lenses


"For better digestion."

Head Snowboards

"Jump higher."


Schick Razors: Baby

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This recent print campaign for Schick’s Quattro Razors was created by JWT Venezuela.  Heavy emphasis on the baby-smooth skin you get after that morning shave.

Photoshop Fails: The Mega Post

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It’s safe to say Photoshop is a very useful program, but also very complicated.  The use of Photoshop to retouch images in advertising collateral is something that is used on a daily basis…and obviously some work is better than others.  Here’s a collection of some of the world’s biggest Photoshop blunders.  Whether it’s a lack of skill, laziness, or just plain stupidity, the following images should never have been cleared for printing.  But they’re incredibly entertaining for the rest of us.  Enjoy.

Now that is one skinny waist.


There’s nothing like stealing stock photography and covering your tracks… or leaving it on the tracks.  Either way this is bad–really bad.


I’m not sure what’s worse, the Simpsons-like 4 finger hands or the fact that she’s obviously not holding that computer.


Lesson #1:  If you plan to keep your job, make sure to remove any notes from the art director.


Wow, Val really toned up his jaw line for this film.


Another stock photo thief showing off his magic stupidity.


I wonder if it was that green sparkling water that gave Jennifer Love Hewitt a zombie foot.


Aside from the horrible tagline… I think that model’s head might be a tad bit too large.  But I don’t know, I’ve been wrong before.


Nice hand!


This one got Microsoft in some trouble for obvious reasons.  Wait a minute… is that a Macbook he’s using too??


Apparently she didn’t really lose all that weight from dieting and exercise, she just had her leg amputated.


This one is pretty bad, but I can’t blame the model and photographer for thinking a nude photo shoot in a subway would be a bad idea.


This designer and the one from Microsoft must be pals.  They’re probably both out of a job too.


I like to think that maybe the model was an actual amputee, but then I noticed the piece of collateral below.  How do you let a mistake like this actually make it to printing?!


HUGE neck, tiny head.  That’s how humans are supposed to look, right?


I’m not sure how they came up with this ad, but I’m guessing there was a lot of crystal meth involved.


This one just creeps me out.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this one was probably put together in less that 3 minutes.  But then again, copy+pasting kids is probably faster than that.


I guess the designer was more of a “boob” guy, rather than a “leg guy.”


Yep, definitely a “boob guy.”


To view more Photoshop phlubs, check out the following sites:

Photoshop Disasters Blog

Photoshop Mistakes

Photoshop Fails


Vivid TypeFace

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Matthew Bender VU typographic face cropped

Just want to update the ol’ Underground with another vivid installment.  This latest piece I created is actually the product of a couple hours of viewing some Photoshop tutorials.  If you ever have a few hours to spare (or purposely set aside) I encourage any artist or designer to just surf the “intranets” and track down some walk-through tutorials.  I made some room in my incredibly busy schedule of being an unemployed college graduate the other night to polish up on some skills and of course, learn some new tricks.  As a recent college graduate, I’ve quickly realized the up hill climb to landing a job is quite a bit steeper than I originally anticipated, especially in the world of advertising and marketing.  More will come about this later.

So this is what I did the other night.  Turned out pretty cool I think.  Although this is just a practice piece, it’s opened up a new avenue of design ambition I’d like to continue to pursue.  You can find the tutorial at Tutorial Magazine and download the Photoshop brushes provided at Obsidian Dawn (ALWAYS credit your sources).  Stay tuned for more, I’m about to get my hands dirty.

Matthew Bender VU typographic face

++ADV 450

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um, okay.  i can only assume Leroy Troy hung himself after this one.

um, okay. i can only assume Leroy Troy hung himself after this one.

Hmm…where do I start?  I guess I could start where I woke up this morning and a flying squirrel immediately leaped into my face.  Oh wait, I’m sorry, that was part of the dream I had, my bad. 

I guess I could say that I woke up around 6:30 AM this morning to do my daily crunches, my daily shower, and my daily kick in the groin I like to call STA 114.  STA 114 is actually my early morning 3D form class, which I am incredibly behind in since my absence last week (RIP Jeremy and best wishes to Allister) and had to spend the entire morning plaster-casting a metal and floral infused bionic man…it’s okay if you don’t understand, a future post will elaborate on that one.

After completely trashing my clothes and a few of my friends clothes in the plaster building, I started eyeing my ADV 450 class at 3:00 PM.  Now ADV 450 isn’t your average class; the “F” word is constantly tossed around, references to putting our balls in Kid Rock’s mouth aren’t rare, and the incredibly random field trip is always on the agenda.  Today the plan was to meet at Elderly Instruments in Lansing, grab dinner at a mexican restaurant, and finish off the evening with a special viewing of MSU‘s upcoming theater rendition of “Medea”.

First up is Elderly.  Now if you readers aren’t aware of Elderly Instruments, they’re an absolutely AMAZING guitar shop.  They are considered one of the best sources for EVERYTHING string instrument associated in the entire world.  I’m being completely serious right now, F guitar center, check out Elderly located at 1100 N. Washington St.  They don’t mess around.  Here a few photographs that I took of my adventure…


That picture on the far right is a picture of a $225,000 mandolin.  Yeah.  Our class is currently working on some advertising/marketing campaigns for Elderly so stay tuned in for some sexy ass designs soon.

Continuing on with class, here’s what we did next…


Shotgunned Bud Light on the Red Cedar river bank.

Apparently Scott (pictured in the far left pic) knows how to prepare a shotgunner with nothing but his naked finger.  You know everyone in 450 (including our professor) had to see it in action.  The series of pics located above illustrates this quite nicely…  and yes, that is my professor and fellow colleague, Jessie K, shotgunning a beer in the concluding pics.

Here’s more visual documentation of ADV 450:


Eric and Dan doin' the damn thing. Dan kicked Eric's assssssss!

So once the spontaneous drinking closed, the plans for mexican food and theater rehearsal were scratched — why?  I really don’t know why, I wan’t paying attention.  The drive home suddenly begins…but something isn’t right.  My passenger, Natalie, makes a comment about the adjacent store front named “Preuss Pets“. 

Hell yea, we’re goin. 

After spending an hour in Pruess armed with nothing but my camera, I came out alive with a memory card of photos.  Here are a few…

this guy wanted me to get his good side so we made arrangements

this guy wanted me to get his good side so we made arrangements



wait, which one is the male sea horse?  (DL Jim Gaffigan for all of you that didn't just erupt in laughter at that one)

wait, which one is the male sea horse? (DL Jim Gaffigan for all of you that didn't just erupt in laughter at that one)

this is the guy.  Cutest SOB you'll ever see.

this is the guy. Cutest SOB you'll ever see.



He's just sad because of the rain.

He's just sad because of the rain.

Enough of the stink-eye already, I'll wrap this post up soon.

Enough of the stink-eye already, I'll wrap this post up soon.

Ray Charles straight up, check the video below.

Ray Charles straight up, check the video below.

Well there you go Undergrounders, that’s what I do.  I take pictures of hilarious fish and shotgun beers during class.  The truth is out!!!

Thursday we’re heading to Detroit.  Why you ask?  Because we can. 

I’m sure I’ll have something incredibly rediculous to post again soon.

this guy's name is Fred and he's 62 years old!!! His wife was named Ginger (not pictured), but she's only 52...and looked like a total bitch.

Google Adwords

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For this week’s New Media Driver’s License assignment, my fellow bloggers and I were instructed to try out Google Adwords.  We were asked to develop a small campaign promoting our blogs, track the results, and explore the potential Google Adwords has on marketing.  Prior to this assignment, I was aware Google Ad’s existed, but unaware of how easy they were to use! 

Here are a few pictures of my “ad campaign” in action.

there's my blog ad up at the top!

there's my blog ad up at the top!

there it is again, but on the right

there it is again, but on the right

The ad campaign I set up for my blog was realtively small.  Instead of buying “advertising space” on a website at a set price, Google Adwords allows you to set a price limit and control when your ad will appear.  My limit was 50 dollars.  Along with my price limit, I selected a few keywords for my ad campaign that would help focus Google search results to my target market.  A few of my keywords were, “graffiti”, “graphic design”, “advertising”, and my name; “Matthew Bender.”  The pictures above shows my advertising expertise at work.  When someone googles “graffiti”, their search results will usually include my mini-advertising campaign for my blog!

Here is a screenshot of some statistics over the past few days.  My ad has appeared over 8,000 times and it only cost me a little over 7 dollars!


Overall, this assignment was pretty interesting.  Google Adwords doesn’t give you a lot of creative freedom when designing your ads, but it certainly helps create awareness.  Being able to get your website link and/or name out there to people that might be interested in it has never been easier.

New Media Driver’s License

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A new course at Michigan State University called “New Media Driver’s License” is being offered to students interested in exploration of new media associated with social networking and the internet.  The course is being taught be Derek Mehrabahn, CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing.  Co-intstructor for the course is Dr. Richard Cole, Chair of the Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Retailing at MSU.

Throughout the semester, students will learn about digital communication, online technology, and new media.  Students will gain valuable information about networking tools and an understanding of rapidly changing new media.  Some examples of this expanding market are networking sites like facebook, linkedin, twitter, flickr, and the wide array of blogging sites, such as wordpress.

I believe a course like this has been needed for a long time.  The methods in which people around the world are accessing information and communicating with eachother is always changing.  A course like New Media Driver’s License is helping students learn about and integrate themselves into the “digital world”. 

This should be a very fun and insightful semester!