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How To Draw All Sorts of Crap

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I found this while perusing the interent the other day.  It’s as useful as it is awesome!  Not exactly sure who did this, the only name I was able to find was “Coelasquid.”

Thanks Coelasquid!! (click image to enlarge)


Charcoal Ain’t Just For Grillin’

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There’s a few artists that have made their way into my life that…well, shit.  How do I say this?  They make me want to quit art.  Not literally.  But in retrospect yes, because every time I come across one of these artists…they completely blow my mind and blow everything I’ve done out of the water.  I’m talking about a gentleman named Robert Longo.  As far as I know, he wrote the book on art and when God was handing out talent circa Day 7, he was busy in heaven’s back room jackin’ skillz like Charles Hamilton did Dilla, but without the media embarrassment… smh.  Anywho, here’s a taste of Rob’s wonderful work using nothing but a stick of charcoal.





how do you do? and HOW DO YOU DO!?

how do you do? and HOW DO YOU DO!?


They all look like photos, but they ain’t…it’s just Rob slowly taking over the world.

I’ve taken a class or two in charcoal composition and I wouldn’t mind posting a few pics, but I’d be completely embarrassed after the ones shown above.  Plus my drawings aren’t nearly as cool as fighter pilots, great whites, and TITS!  Here’s his website one more time and a quick look at a gallery for the goods.


Cleveland’s Kid Cudi

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With all the attention my last piece was getting (Drake), I figured I’d sit down for an hour or two and put together another one fueled by the sounds and words that move me.

If ya’ll don’t know who Kid Cudi is, it’s about time you familiarized yourself.  His mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, is unbelievable.  Straight out of Cleveland, Cudi was recently all over Kanye West’s 808’s & Heartbreak release, and you may recognize his hit, “Day ‘N’ Nite”.  His sound is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, and after spending most of the fall and winter with Cudi lyrics literally writing the story of my life, I had to give props where props is due.

This piece is about his song, “The Prayer”.  It’s not a really popular song, but I found it got me through some pretty tough times during the coldest winter.  Give it a listen.

Here’s what you’ve been patiently waiting for: