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This short film by Tilles Singer is actually made of magazine clippings sliced from several skateboard magazines! Imagine all the time sunk into this!



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Just wanted to hit you guys with a fresh new trailer for a fresh new movie called “Rango“. Looks pretty interesting, especially with Johnny Depp lending his vocals and production by the team that brought you the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.



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Whoa… this is so cool, especially the end! “Pixels” by Patrick Jean.


Confessions On Life, Death, & God

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Postsecret is a popular website/blog created by Frank Warren that collects revealing confessions anonymously written on postcards.  The success of the site has opened the door to “Confessions on Life, Death, and God,” a book showcasing some of Postsecrets favorites.  An intimate video was created to coincide with the book’s release, which may seem similar to a few other videos you’ve seen on this site.  Benjamin Reece, the director and creator of the “Fifty People, One Question” videos has been working with Postsecret, Crush + Lovely, & Deltree to produce a really touching video.  Check it out below.


“EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP” a film by Banksy?

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Word on the street (the internet) is that the most anonymous movie is about to take the world by storm, starring the world’s most anonymous street artist, “Banksy“, who is also now the world’s most anonymous director.

The film, titled “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, unexpectedly premiered at Sundance a few weeks ago.  Supposedly it’s the true story of an aspiring-filmmaker and his search to befriend and eventually reveal Banksy’s true identity.  Not so fast though, because Banksy turned the camera on him… letting the greatest street art film never made become a disaster.

Screenshot of Banksy in EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP

Now I was able to find a few articles about the screening, reading them several times over, but was only able to come to the conclusion of “…what the hell is going on?”  I’ve never seen anything as intriguing as this and there is no doubt that I’ll be waiting in line for it on opening day.  The film is rumored to be released in the UK on March 5th of this year, but some will be able to see it in an underground theater built specifically for it’s viewing, the Lambeth Palace.  Still no word on when it hits US soil.  Check out the trailer for “EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP” below.

NEWS: Mail Online, The Gaurdian, Newser



Parkour Motion Reel

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A sweet little video that started out as a class project for Singapore design student, Serene Teh, but has slowly turned into an internet sensation.

Nice spin on traditional flip-books.  Can’t wait to see what she does next.


Lupe Fiasco Kinetic Typography & LupE.N.D. Artwork

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Anyone know when Lupe’s next album will be dropping?  A while back I heard rumors of a 3-disc finale that would be his final farewell to hip-hop.  Next I heard of 3 separate albums released by June of 2010.  Next I heard that the album scheduled for a June 2009 release will be finally hitting stores in December.  All the different names floating around has been giving me a headache, I don’t know which is what, what is where, or what the hell is in this mixed drink right now.From my research I’ve gathered; Lupe’s pissed off at his label, which is terrible news because I’m pretty sure shit’s the way it is right now because of the Atlantic/Lupe Fiasco fiasco.  I just hope some progress can be made soon.

Due to my fetish for great typography and film, I think anyone who shares these slightly weird (yet awesome) interests should check out this vid.  The song is “And He Gets The Girl” by Lupe and features N*E*R*D.

I originally drew out plans for a very large series of canvases featuring Lupe’s LupE.N.D. album inspired art coinciding with the release date….but, I think I may just sleep on it for a bit.  Despite holding off on that project for now, I felt the itch to do some artistic expression, at least on a smaller scale.  Hope ya’ll enjoy this, I’d like to do a bunch of these (not just of Lupe) so let me know if you’d like to see more!

lupe-lasers-portraitDue to the recent copy+pasting+printing+selling+promoting+straight up stealing some of my art, I’m not going to be posting up any high-resolution files like I did before.  Thanks to everyone who has contacted me about certain projects in a respectful manner, I really do appreciate it.