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The UAC Tabloid Project Exposed

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I just did all these posters because work is slow… and ya’ll know I’m bored as hell.

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The UAC Tabloid Project

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So I was thinking the other day (yeah, I know, weird) and came to the decision that I was going to spend this week designing posters of my own favorite personal quotes.  By “personal quotes,” I mean the retarded stuff I tell myself when the going gets rough… or just phrases I think about that make me smile. I don’t want to release them all yet, but figured the 8 people that follow this blog could use a quick taste.

These 2 posters are meant to be viewed in succession and are my current favorites.  They also took a loooooong time to develop.  The random sketches are a ton of swatches I pulled from the margins of my high school/college notes over the years.  Hell, you might even see the earliest inspirations for some current paintings I’ve done!

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Get your hands off my Heiny.

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Just got the jump on a new Heineken ad.  Not sure if this one is going to be on TV or not, but it’s still worth a look.  I had a good laugh at it, but I think it’s a little predictable.  The official title is “Walk-In Fridge” so you can already guess where this one is going.  I’ll be shopping around for price estimates for putting one of these in, I’ll post my findings soon.  Maybe I should try my luck at asking Congress for my own financial bailout first?

Short Films and Viral Vids

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Nothing is better at killing time than surfing the web and watching short films, virals, and even the occasional banned commercial.  While doing just that, I stumbled upon a sweet little creative studio put together by 3 friends all with a passion for animation and design.  It’s called 3 Legged Legs and it’s very obvious that in between working for clients, they seem to keep doing this stuff for fun.  After watching a bunch of their videos I found a couple that were    just    plain    awesome.

Ricochet:  [WARNING-  This one is pretty graphic in some parts, so if you’re not a fan of movies like Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down…you might want to skip it.  And if you actually take my advice and decide to skip it…you’re totally lame.]


Humans:  This next one is also a little graphic, but it’s all cartoony.  Has a pretty thoughtful message too …so what’s not to love?