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Playlistings 10: The END

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I’m overcome with great sadness to announce that this will be the final Playlistings mixtape to release. Some of you may have noticed that past links have been removed by the RIAA because of copyright infringements. Although the VivdUnderground and the DKALife attempt to bring you each day’s newest worry-free tracks that circumnavigate the globe within seconds each day in a legal manner, we can’t guarantee that each track doesn’t slip through the cracks and somehow inevitably prevents a multi-millionaire from making that down payment on a Bentley covered in gold. Despite coming under fire from an organization that reminds me of the last few hours of a horrible episode of diarrhea (the aforementioned R.I.A.A. for the slow kids in class); Playlistings Volume 10 drops in a very pissed off fashion. Eat it up world, because apparently T-Pain has another BIG ASS CHAIN to buy.

The AWESOME tracklist emerges from the pile of shit surrounding your boy here, nothing new.

Kanye West . Looking For Trouble (Feat. Pusha T, CyHi The Prynce, Big Sean & J. Cole)
Lupe Fiasco . Show Goes On
Lil Wayne . 30 Minutes To New Orleans
J. Cole . I’m Coming Home
Los . Incredible (Feat. Carmen)
Wiz Khalifa . Stuntin’
Nelly . Go (Feat. Talib Kweli & Ali)
Kid Cudi . Maybe
Kinetics . Sign Language (Feat. One Love & Wynter Gordon)
T.I. . Dying In Your Arms (Feat. Jazmine Sullivan)
Kid Ink . Double Take (Feat. Bei Maejor)
J. Cole . Home For The Holidays
Lil Wayne . Fire Flame [RMX] (Feat. Birdman)
Sam Adams . Lion’s Den
Kanye West . Chain Heavy (Feat. Talib Kweli & Consequence)
The Cool Kids . Big Talk
Wiz Khalifa . Huey Newton (Feat. Curren$y)
Los . Cuttin’ Up (Feat. Courtney Owens)

Download now before it gets covered in shit.

Gracefully and respectfully yours,



MSU Snowboard Club Goes Underground

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For those of you who don’t know, I’m an avid shredder upon the ol’ snowboard and naturally I had to jump on MSU’s 2010 Club shirts, not just because I love snowboarding, but because I knew it would be an awesome project.

My fellow shredder and good buddy, Chad, threw the project at me a few weeks ago…shit took off like a storm. A blizzard actually.  Despite me being physically deprived of internet for almost a month, Chad and I were able to make ends meet and help this season’s MSU SBC club shirts become something to reckon with. Props to Nathan Urban for providing some reverse side graphic genius.

A HUGE shoutout to Chad, Nathan, and the entire MSU SBC family, ya’ll are too much! Good luck on an awesome year, Park City is going to shit their snowpants.

Want one? Get at me:


The Storia of Hip-Hop Euphoria

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Sorry for the long wait, but for anyone that’s been up in East Lansing for a week straight with zero education obligations… you should understand.

Let me start off by saying I’m a HUGE hip-hop fan and always have been, so when I heard Kid Cudi and Drake were going to be rolling through my home-away-from-home in the same week, I knew I was going to have to set up camp and get my kicks in.  Here’s the rundown of a week in Hip-Hop Euphoria:

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For the Love of Music / For the Love of Art

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Damn, my final semester is almost over.  A part of me can’t wait to turn in that last final exam with a nice sketch of a supple pair of ass cheeks branded on the last page, butthe other part of me is pretty disappointed I don’t have an excuse to act like a 5 year old anymore. 

Thats right folks, no more college.  I love Michigan State, and I always have, ever since I was born.  Even though my college years have been a portion of the hardest times in my life, I don’t think I’d trade them for anything in the world.  I love this campus, I love the people, and I love the energy.  I’m sure as hell going to miss this place.  I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “cut the shit Bendey, just tell us what this post is about already.”  Well it’s of course about my final sculpture for my 3D form class.  Sculpting has never been anything that really interested me before, but over this past semester I’ve really fallen in Love with it.  I really think it’s the optimism involved.  For these projects I rarely went out to the store to buy materials; I would always hop in that dumpster out back or putz around the metal shop first.  The significance in finding something that someone threw away and using it in a manner that’s so incredibly foreign to the object itself really hits me in a weird way.  It’s almost like life; most of us will never get whatever we want handed to us on a silver platter, it’s up to us to work with what we have around us.  There’s no relationship created when you go to the store and buy the first appropriate cut of brass piping you see for a sculpture.  It actually begins to mean something when you scrounge around in trash for 30 min. looking for the perfect peice.  What you find is never going to be a perfect match for the blueprints you have in your head, but you’ll always find a way to make it work. 

This brings me to another obvious point you all probably saw coming.      Art and Love.

I’ve been thinking about Love quite a bit lately.  It’s a very sensitive and conflicting subject for me and recently it’s been a huge source of inspiration and contemplation in a lot of different ways.  There’s no question about it…I Love Art.  But there’s a huge misconception about art these days in the sense that there’s no money in it.  You either have to die first before you get recognized or you have to do something that’s incredibly revolutionary.  People often ask me, “hey man, are you really gonna be an artist for the rest of your life?” to which my reply is, “ahh well you know, i’ll always do it in my personal time but I dont know about professionally.”  The truth is, I’d like to slap everyone across the face that asks me that question.  I’ll never be an artist for the money and I’ll never stop being an artist because of the lack of money.  I do what I love and I love what I do.  It’s literally a passion, not a job or a career, a fiery bleeding passion.  I often find a connection with this specific mindset in music.  Music really moves me in indescribable ways and it would be foolish for me to try to describe it here.  I don’t use any drugs or substances, and I definitely don’t use anything to elevate any creativity…except for music. 

For the Love of Music.  For the Love of Art.

My final sculpture blends them both.  The outlets of creativity and the personal definition I have for each form expressed in a very dissected way.  Here are a few of the pieces to the puzzle…




Oh yeah, there will be 5 strategically-placed pieces of glass included as well…among other things.

Biologics Plaster Sculpture

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Well Underground, it’s been a turbulent month.  First, no more new media drivers license, the class is officially over.  It was a great class, and I’ll be honest, this blog wouldn’t be here without it.  In additional news, I made it out of Jamaica alive.  It was an awesome trip and I had a BLAST, but that’s not to say I didn’t come home with some regrets.  With this blog inevitably becoming more “personal”, I’m going to shy away from discussing my emotions right now and get to the meat and potatoes of this post; the unveiling of my latest sculpture titled, “Biologics”. 

Now I’m no sculptor, in fact, I think I’ve maybe played around with clay once before in my life prior to this STA 114 (3d form) class.  It was surprisingly fun and very very messy.  Despite missing a few 8 a.m. workdays due to a faulty alarm clock, a hangover, and the tragic death of a friend, I had to spend most of my weekend going to work on the details of this latest piece.  First molded in clay, then cast in plaster to create a negative mold, then finally filled with plaster again and broken away, “Biologics” had another 5 hours of detailing put in.  Finally, infused with a nice flower growing from the exposed brain, I generally went for a organic/mechanical approach combining old snowboard clicker bindings, random scraps of metal, and plenty of washers and bolts to accent the obvious face.  The rock like chiseled effect was an accident.  I started hacking away chunks and satisfied with the progress, decided to leave it.  Well, I should probably quit talking about it and just show it to you guys.  Enjoy.










++ADV 450

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um, okay.  i can only assume Leroy Troy hung himself after this one.

um, okay. i can only assume Leroy Troy hung himself after this one.

Hmm…where do I start?  I guess I could start where I woke up this morning and a flying squirrel immediately leaped into my face.  Oh wait, I’m sorry, that was part of the dream I had, my bad. 

I guess I could say that I woke up around 6:30 AM this morning to do my daily crunches, my daily shower, and my daily kick in the groin I like to call STA 114.  STA 114 is actually my early morning 3D form class, which I am incredibly behind in since my absence last week (RIP Jeremy and best wishes to Allister) and had to spend the entire morning plaster-casting a metal and floral infused bionic man…it’s okay if you don’t understand, a future post will elaborate on that one.

After completely trashing my clothes and a few of my friends clothes in the plaster building, I started eyeing my ADV 450 class at 3:00 PM.  Now ADV 450 isn’t your average class; the “F” word is constantly tossed around, references to putting our balls in Kid Rock’s mouth aren’t rare, and the incredibly random field trip is always on the agenda.  Today the plan was to meet at Elderly Instruments in Lansing, grab dinner at a mexican restaurant, and finish off the evening with a special viewing of MSU‘s upcoming theater rendition of “Medea”.

First up is Elderly.  Now if you readers aren’t aware of Elderly Instruments, they’re an absolutely AMAZING guitar shop.  They are considered one of the best sources for EVERYTHING string instrument associated in the entire world.  I’m being completely serious right now, F guitar center, check out Elderly located at 1100 N. Washington St.  They don’t mess around.  Here a few photographs that I took of my adventure…


That picture on the far right is a picture of a $225,000 mandolin.  Yeah.  Our class is currently working on some advertising/marketing campaigns for Elderly so stay tuned in for some sexy ass designs soon.

Continuing on with class, here’s what we did next…


Shotgunned Bud Light on the Red Cedar river bank.

Apparently Scott (pictured in the far left pic) knows how to prepare a shotgunner with nothing but his naked finger.  You know everyone in 450 (including our professor) had to see it in action.  The series of pics located above illustrates this quite nicely…  and yes, that is my professor and fellow colleague, Jessie K, shotgunning a beer in the concluding pics.

Here’s more visual documentation of ADV 450:


Eric and Dan doin' the damn thing. Dan kicked Eric's assssssss!

So once the spontaneous drinking closed, the plans for mexican food and theater rehearsal were scratched — why?  I really don’t know why, I wan’t paying attention.  The drive home suddenly begins…but something isn’t right.  My passenger, Natalie, makes a comment about the adjacent store front named “Preuss Pets“. 

Hell yea, we’re goin. 

After spending an hour in Pruess armed with nothing but my camera, I came out alive with a memory card of photos.  Here are a few…

this guy wanted me to get his good side so we made arrangements

this guy wanted me to get his good side so we made arrangements



wait, which one is the male sea horse?  (DL Jim Gaffigan for all of you that didn't just erupt in laughter at that one)

wait, which one is the male sea horse? (DL Jim Gaffigan for all of you that didn't just erupt in laughter at that one)

this is the guy.  Cutest SOB you'll ever see.

this is the guy. Cutest SOB you'll ever see.



He's just sad because of the rain.

He's just sad because of the rain.

Enough of the stink-eye already, I'll wrap this post up soon.

Enough of the stink-eye already, I'll wrap this post up soon.

Ray Charles straight up, check the video below.

Ray Charles straight up, check the video below.

Well there you go Undergrounders, that’s what I do.  I take pictures of hilarious fish and shotgun beers during class.  The truth is out!!!

Thursday we’re heading to Detroit.  Why you ask?  Because we can. 

I’m sure I’ll have something incredibly rediculous to post again soon.

this guy's name is Fred and he's 62 years old!!! His wife was named Ginger (not pictured), but she's only 52...and looked like a total bitch.

UAC Update: Peace Out Valentine’s Day

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Sorry for not posting this sooner, but it’s been busy over here at the studio the past couple weeks and I don’t see an end to the Madness. 

In order to keep you readers interested, here’s a quick update for Underground Art Concepts…well actually, this update is technically about a project I’ve been working on for one of my Studio Art classes, but it’s got that “UAC flavor” naturally and I think you all might enjoy it.  And yes, in between doing art and robbing banks, I actually do find time to go to my classes.

I tried getting this up in time for Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s good that I didn’t, since this latest sculpture of mine might have dampened the mood of the glorious day that we have so recently been blessed with.  In general, there is a lot of thought that went into the completion of this piece.  And for those of you who know me pretty well, I think you’ll see some pretty deep inspiration coming from other places.  I’d hate to delve into all that right now, but if you’re curious, feel free to contact me with any questions.  I also sort of went along with a quote I thought up a while ago, “Love is like a nuclear weapon, die or live deformed”, which is pretty pessimistic, I know, but that metal contraption at the base of the sculpture had the word, “HOPE” printed into it when I found it.  Gives it a nice emotional balance, don’t you think?  Welp, here are some pics of the “Nuclear Weapon.”





Yep, that thing up top is a heart, and that crazy looking chrome base is either sucking the life out of the heart, or breathing it back in.  I’ll let you decide.