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Pedal to the Metal

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I am quickly arriving at the glorious day that I will be awarded my official New Media driver’s license.  I feel like I’m 16 years old again, and let me tell you my friends, it’s a good feeling.  Here at the Vivid Underground, I have submerged myself into a lot of different things.  Through the guidance of Derek Mehraban, CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing and instructor of the New Media Driver’s License class at MSU, I’ve been driving (surfing) around the internet learning as much as I can about new media and social marketing.  But over the past several weeks, I’ve come to realize that this isn’t going to be a nice little internet driver’s license I’m getting…but that I’ve really been training for stuff like this…

Yeah, professional stunt/getaway driving is what I’m talking about.  Skip to the 1-minute mark.

For my final presentation I’ll be talking about a lot of different things I’ve learned and how much fun I’ve had.  Here’s a brief outline:

I.  Why did I enroll in this class?  Because I needed a 2 credit course in order to graduate and 2 Saturdays in Novi seemed pretty manageable.

II.  Discuss my blog and all the outrageous fun I’ve had with it.  Share a few of my friends blogs that I’ve helped get off the ground and the networking we’ve done together.

III.  Outline what I’ve learned and how it will benefit my company and my plans for after graduation.

IV.  Conclude with my overall feelings about the class and why it needs to continue for future students.

David Meerman Scott = My Homey

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That’s right, David Meerman Scott is my homey, and he doesn’t even know it yet.

Well, it’s pretty simple…

For my New Media Driver’s License class here at Michigan State University, our required course text was “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”, by David Meerman Scott, naturally.  The book is a must-have for any students and professionals in the advertising, marketing, or public relations industry.  Actually, this book is going to be valuable to anyone interested in polishing their web presence.

Allow me to explain…

Lets say you’re interested in starting your own business and want to make sure people can find your website when they search for certain terms.  Get the book.

What if you want to figure out how to start up a blog?  Get the book.

Interested in finding out ways to not be such an annoying douchebag online and learn some web-ettiquette?  Get the book.

Basically, Scott knows what he’s talkin’ about.  His book is going to help you do the three things listed above and much much more.  The ways in which we all seek information at this day and age is rapidly changing and the internet is a big reason why.  Scott’s book dives into several different online formats, social networks, and forms of new media.  If you’re not very tech-savvy, the world wide web can be a pretty scary and confusing place, but Scott quells those fears with simple, yet detailed explanations and inspirational expertise.  I encourage all my faithful readers to check out his blog at WebInkNow, and my press release.  The “New Rules of Marketing and PR” isn’t just our textbook, it’s become our “New Media Bible”.

Face It, Life’s a Rat Race.

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This one comes from James Clar & Associates and their Traffic Design Gallery studio in Dubai (still winning).  I encourage everyone to check out their website, it’s full of incredible art and design experimentation, specifically with lighting.  Very awesome.

This latest piece reminded me of my New Media Driver’s License class and all the exploration we’re doing with new technology and media.  Here’s a series of words directly from the archives detailing “The Rat Race”.

“The Rat Race” is a piece jesting at the social ideal of the rat race, the idea that we are all rats in a competitive race to the top. Technology plays a key role in enhancing each rat but staying on top of technological progress (new software, programming languages, memes, etc) is a job onto itself. What technologies enhance our daily lives or make our work more streamlined? “The Rat Race” is a fusion of rat and technology.

Who survives the rat race?
The rat race.

With that in mind… here are a few more pictures just to help you waste your valuable time, and in turn, allow me to get two steps ahead of you in this gigantic rat race.



Mr. Dubai himself

Mr. Dubai himself

Advice:  It may look enticing with that nice wooden table and place setting, but never eat the peanut butter.

New Social Media Stays Winning.

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Yep!  It’s official now.  If you aren’t down with what my buddies call the “intranets” at this day and age, then you’ll be nothing more than a burger flipper with a baby on the way mid-stroke of your junior year.  Nah, I’m kidding.  But let’s seriously assess your situation…you’re probably a freshman or sophomore here at MSU majoring in advertising or marketing, and you’re thinking to yourself…”What am I going to do?  I got that party coming up this weekend that’s gonna be off the hook!!!” 




But!  Let’s think about the future of your career for a second.  You’re about to be in a GIGANTIC harvest of worthy peers that could equally take that perfect post-graduation job straight out from under you.  Face it, you need a solid punchline for the resume and interview.

That’s why I’m here.  Listen up.

In the Spring semester of my senior year here at Michigan State, I enrolled in a class called the “New Media Drivers License“, which has undoubtedly changed my life forever.  Derek Mehraban, the instructor, is WITH IT.  Now I’m not just saying this guy is cool… I’m sayin’ this guy is legit.  He is the CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing in Ann Arbor, MI.  (Don’t worry, he’s straight Spartan, none of that Wolverine B.S.)  The foundation of the class is centered around a personal blog that you create, weekly online assignments, as well as constant facebook interaction.  It might seem like another load of unfortunate homework assignments on top of your standard ISS and IAH classes, but let me speak to you student-to-student for a second… this class is not only incredibly fun, but it’s very valuable to you and your future.  It gives you the opportunity to connect with your classmates, build your portfolio, network with professionals, and finally…keep it real!  Upon graduation, you’re going to need an edge, and that edge is going to include experience in everything I just listed.  As you can see, this small blog I’ve got flowing right now is essentially a crystal clear window into my thoughts, daily shenanigans, and overall my own personal creative outlet.  Enrolling in the New Media Drivers License course isn’t required for your degree, but if it were up to me… it would be. 

this could be you.

this could be you.

Peep our Facebook Group.

Get more info from the class Blog.

I encourage you to check it out, give it some thought, and shoot me any questions you might have:

Stay winning ya’ll.

Search Engine Optimization

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On the web these days, we hear a lot of talk about how companies and organizations are directing traffic to their websites.  This is called “Search Engine Optimization” and it’s not as scary as it sounds.  At first it can sound complicated, but there are a lot of valuable websites out there to help you get started and become familiar with what it takes to get your website at the top of those Google searches.  Check out a nice outline by Google made especially for you readers about to dive in.  My New Media Driver’s License instructor, Derek Mehraban, has also posted a short introduction to SEO basics with things to consider when designing your site.

Now I’m no stranger to building a website and optimizing it for search engines.  I wouldn’t say I’m “experienced”, but I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way.  My website,, is nothing more than a big photo gallery that I continuously add to every month or so.  I guess you could say it’s like a big virtual portfolio.  My main objective is to get my name out there and get exposure to people around the world.  My hosting server has a great statistics page for my website that allows me to check on the traffic that my site receives.  Here is a screen shot of referring URL’s to my site.


As you can see, this is just one page of several different sets of data I can view.  I can also view what search words commonly bring up my website in search engine queries, what browser’s my viewers are using, and even what pages are getting the most clicks.  When trying to optimize a website for great search engine results, a tool like that is very valuable.

I am currently in the process of updating my website (I feel like I ALWAYS am) and re-designing a few of the pages.  After reading up on SEO and taking a look at some online guides, I definitely see some areas on my website in need of some improvement.  Accurate descriptions, a uniform presentation, and organized photo sets are specifically what I’m going to be focusing on in the near future.  I’ll keep you updated with the results!

Goooooogle Earth

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Anyone ever used Google Earth?  For my New Media Driver’s License class our assignment was to explore one of Google’s many applications.  I always thought Google Earth was a neat little app to get a nice bird’s-eye-view of places around the world and possibly help with directions.  It’s been a couple years since I’ve checked up on Google Earth…boy did they go to town helping people go to towns.  Google Earth is like Mapquest on steroids!  I think the coolest part is the 3D buildings feature.  You can literally zoom down to eye level as if you’re walking down the sidewalk and look at at certain buildings as if you’re about to throw a rock through that 3rd story window where your freshman year Calculus professor has an office.  Wild.  This software is pretty important for the user looking for valuable information.  Not only can you see the real-life setting you may be exploring soon, but you can click on the little buttons that bring up Wikipedia entries, user photos, and even the 3D renderings of buildings and areas of interest.  I’m thinking this could really help with people trying to decide on colleges to attend, the planning of vacations, and just plain exploring!  I know I’ll be using Google Earth in the future.  I’m going to be vacationing in Negril, Jamaica this March and I need to estimate how far I’ll be able to walk along the coast after a night of heavy drinking before I get tangled up on some cliffs.  I’ve added a few screenshots of my world tour, check ’em out and do some exploring yourself!

Michigan State University - Breslin Center

Michigan State University - Breslin Center

Michigan State University - Spartan Stadium

Michigan State University - Spartan Stadium

Michigan State University - South Wonders Hall

Michigan State University - South Wonders Hall

This is where I lived my sophomore year at MSU.  The photo in the window is of a storm approaching campus taken by a student that later uploaded it to Google Earth.  This thing is nuts. 


Now what would a trip around the globe be without a stop in Dubai?  This place is insane, word on the street is they have over a third of the world’s cranes over there constructing buildings that make New York look like something your 5 year old cousin built with legos.  Looks like I might have to send my resume over in that direction pretty soon.