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Nike “Abuku”

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I realize I talk a lot about Nike, but how can’t I when they keep being involved in such cool stuff like this?!

The new Nike Air Max 360’s apparently have more air pocketed between the soles and feet than any other shoe. W+K Tokyo LAB came up with the great idea of showing this human/nature relationship with the “Nike Abuku” (which means “bubble” in Japanese).

Instead of me explaining the process poorly, check out the video below which includes some nice clips of it’s making.

Here for more info: NIKE78


Nike – Write The Future

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Wow, this full length version of Nike‘s 2010 World Cup campaign is nuts!  Features a handful of megastars; Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Homer Simpson, and Kobe Bryant to name a few.  A MUST-SEE for any soccer fan.

The World Cup is right around the corner my friends (kickoff on June 11)–and this guy is very excited.


Bleed Your Colors – Nike Sportswear

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Really unique commercial for Nike Sportswear. Kind of a blend between an old video game and a Tim & Eric Awesome Show skit. I thought it was awesome, but then again I’m a huge fan of soccer, funny music, and things that leave you wondering “WTF did I just watch?”  What do you guys think, too weird for Nike? Or a nice change of scenery for the sneaker giant?

NIKE Music Shoe

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Found this awesome viral commercial today.  The new Nike Free running shoe takes center stage as several pairs act as instruments for 2 DJ’s.  I didn’t think it was real until I watched the “making of” video.  Both are below.

How cool was that?!


Jordan x WK Interact for “Nightmares Never Sleep”

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Jordan brand unveils newest addition to “Nightmares Never Sleep” campaign.  Famous street artist ,WK Interact, heads down to Manhattan’s lower east side to actually paint the billboard featuring Dwayne Wade.  Check out the process in the video below.  Really awesome stuff.

And if you haven’t seen the full TV spot yet for Nightmares Never Sleep, check it out.  Pretty over the top…but aren’t all nightmares?


UAC Does Lebron James + Nike

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What can you say about Lebron James?  I’m assuming quite a bit…and if there’s any point you didn’t cover, Skip Bayless could probably fill in the cracks.

Too young, too selfish, too lazy, too 23??  Lebron’s out to prove you wrong in 2010.

A little somethin’ I cooked up between my other projects.  I’ve got love for Cleveland all day… up until they face Detroit in late April.

[Note: Image by Sports Illustrated, logo by Nike.  This is NOT a real advertisement, nor is it endorsed by Nike, Lebron James, or S.I.]

UPDATE: You know Fernando Torres needs some love.  All my soccer/futbol fans out there, get at me for the full wallpaper.  (This isn’t endorsed by Nike, Torres, or the country of Spain either… )


Oh yeah, it’s my 1ooth post, show some love.

Lebron and Nike – Real Chalk

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So last night I was with some homies watching a bit of NBA basketball, specifically, Lebron James and the Cavaliers putting on a clinic for the Hornets.  During a couple timeouts, the TV would skip to a shot of the giant 10-story Lebron James billboard in downtown Cleveland.  Nike’s “We Are All Witnesses” campaign featuring Lebron James has been getting a lot of attention over the past couple years.  Some say the gigantic scale of the billboard installations are an eye sore and violate the city’s highway beautification act passed during the Johnson Administration, but the billboards continue to stay up. 

During one of these camera shots I noticed something pretty clever.  Check this video out and take note of the steam rising up in front of the billboard.  See it?

Remember the Nike commercial I linked in the “Lil Wayne is slowly taking over the world” post last week?
Well, here it is again just in case you missed it…

I thought it was incredibly sweet how the billboard uses the cold weather and resulting steam from the building in front of it to make the chalk illusion similar to Nike’s latest tv spot.  Great heads up and planning by the folks in charge over at Nike.  Whether or not the billboards violate any laws, you gotta give ’em props for the clever idea!