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The Puma Social

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Just for the sake of being honest, I love this.

Here’s to the after hours athlete *raises glass*



Definition of Vivid: Que Houxo

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A popular live painter from Japan has been turning heads with his unique artistic style around the globe recently.  His name?  Que Houxo.  Don’t worry, I don’t know how to pronounce it either, but I’ve seen him popping up all over the place and his artistic presence brings another visual element to the table; ultra-violet lighting.  I tried my hand at creating a “black light piece” a few years ago, but I found the lighting aspect was more suitable for the presentation and development process, rather than just the piece itself hanging up on a wall.  Houxo utilizes this idea very well.  There are no lines, no borders, no do-over’s in his work.  It’s essentially an unleashing of creative build-up upon the wall in front of him, halfway in complete darkness.  Usually fueled with an inviting soundtrack, Houxo sets up his desired atmosphere and focuses in on the work to be done in front of him–almost as if the audience isn’t 10 feet behind him.

Houxo uses flourescent paints coupled with flashing ultra-violet lighting during his live painting performances.  He’s got plenty of live shows under his belt for everyone to check out on YouTube, but I think I’d rather get my rocks off at one of his live performance one of these days.







You can check out more on Que Houxo at the Flickr pages, Questa and Day_and_Night.  There’s also this thing called “Google” that could be useful.

Keep it real,


New Social Media Stays Winning.

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Yep!  It’s official now.  If you aren’t down with what my buddies call the “intranets” at this day and age, then you’ll be nothing more than a burger flipper with a baby on the way mid-stroke of your junior year.  Nah, I’m kidding.  But let’s seriously assess your situation…you’re probably a freshman or sophomore here at MSU majoring in advertising or marketing, and you’re thinking to yourself…”What am I going to do?  I got that party coming up this weekend that’s gonna be off the hook!!!” 




But!  Let’s think about the future of your career for a second.  You’re about to be in a GIGANTIC harvest of worthy peers that could equally take that perfect post-graduation job straight out from under you.  Face it, you need a solid punchline for the resume and interview.

That’s why I’m here.  Listen up.

In the Spring semester of my senior year here at Michigan State, I enrolled in a class called the “New Media Drivers License“, which has undoubtedly changed my life forever.  Derek Mehraban, the instructor, is WITH IT.  Now I’m not just saying this guy is cool… I’m sayin’ this guy is legit.  He is the CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing in Ann Arbor, MI.  (Don’t worry, he’s straight Spartan, none of that Wolverine B.S.)  The foundation of the class is centered around a personal blog that you create, weekly online assignments, as well as constant facebook interaction.  It might seem like another load of unfortunate homework assignments on top of your standard ISS and IAH classes, but let me speak to you student-to-student for a second… this class is not only incredibly fun, but it’s very valuable to you and your future.  It gives you the opportunity to connect with your classmates, build your portfolio, network with professionals, and finally…keep it real!  Upon graduation, you’re going to need an edge, and that edge is going to include experience in everything I just listed.  As you can see, this small blog I’ve got flowing right now is essentially a crystal clear window into my thoughts, daily shenanigans, and overall my own personal creative outlet.  Enrolling in the New Media Drivers License course isn’t required for your degree, but if it were up to me… it would be. 

this could be you.

this could be you.

Peep our Facebook Group.

Get more info from the class Blog.

I encourage you to check it out, give it some thought, and shoot me any questions you might have:

Stay winning ya’ll.