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Big Bang Big Boom

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You’ve hopefully seen a few of these stop-motion animation videos before, but if you haven’t–step your game up: MUTO and COMBO.

This latest masterpiece from the talented folks over at BLU, is absolutely incredible. I would advise everyone to set aside 10 minutes for this one, you won’t be disappointed

…Big Bang Big Boom is an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end.


Martin Wilson Photography

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Martin Wilson is a UK-based photographer that is known for his incredible assemblages of consecutively shot photos. If one turns out poorly, he starts all over with a new roll of film. After months of obsessively taking the photos, the film reveals the final image.  Brilliant!

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The Perfect Color

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I’ve been slaving over a ton of projects this week and am currently running on half a plate of pad thai and 4 Oberon’s, so this will be a short update.

I’ve been keeping this gig under wraps for a while because of the uncertainty behind the project, but looks like I’ve landed a page in a special creative book based out of Grand Rapids, MI.

I’m pretty stoked about it, especially because I’ll be featured among some really talented people/studios/agencies.

Ya’ll should see an update on this very soon…

…nah, screw it, I’m exhausted–here’s my page.  I’ll just explain it all later 🙂


Stop the Violence by Francois Robert

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Francois Robert is a famous photographer with an incredible new series of work depicting society’s unfortunate poisons… with actual human bones!

Story is, a while back he bought a locker somewhere in Michigan with an unknown lab skeleton inside.  Fast forward a few years and voila!  Some beautiful photography after hundreds of painstaking hours.  “The bones are something left behind, a form of memory,” he says. “I try to treat that person on my studio floor with respect.” [The Bones of Francois Robert]

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Hipster Evolution

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I had to do it.  This post comes straight from Paste Magazine’s Evolution of the Hipster spread.  The article and photographs are very well done and are worth a look.  Beards, tight jeans, mopeds, wrist ink, and your iPod addiction has never received such flattery.

Who’s on blast?

-That kid who shows up for class 15 min. late every day.

-Your older sister’s fiance.

Kid Cudi

-That new graphic design intern.

-Your roommates pot dealer.

-People that think Heath Ledger was Christ.

8th graders finally realizing 50 cent isn’t that cool anymore.

Savor it 2009, I’m bringing back L.A. Gear and Surge.

2000: The Emo

“The proto-hipster’s white belt and guyliner make for a soulful combination.”

2001: The Emo-Redux

“The skulls on her tour-only Death Cab tee don’t match the skulls on her Vans, so it’s not like she’s trying too hard.”

2002:  The Ashton

“His PBR trucker hat and faux vintage t-shirt reveal an obsession with irony.”

2003:  The Scenester

“A gaudy tattoo appears on her chest, and she is never spotted without her iPod.”

2004:  The Twee

“He adores his rare-vinyl collection and tobacco pipe. Despite 20/20 vision, he wears Buddy Holly glasses.”

2005:  The Fauxhemian

“She suffers for fashion, wearing a furry hat, boots and keffiyah even during the warmest months. Her new wrist tattoo is the Japanese symbol for beauty—or at least that’s what the guy at the tat shop told her.”

2006:  The Mountain Man

“He seeks working-class authenticity, taking pride in his full beard and the fact that he’s often mistaken for a homeless person.”

2007:  The Vintage Queen

“She shops at retro boutiques and posts Holga photos on her blog. She has said that the koi fish cover-up tattoo on her arm symbolizes ‘nature and love and peace and stuff.’”

2008:  The Williamsburg

“He thoughtfully hangs shutter shades in the deep-V of his white tee, and he’s often seen walking his fixed-gear bike around town while texting with his iPhone.”

2009:  The Metra-Nerd

“By wearing the popular Three Wolf Moon T-shirt, today’s hipster makes a mockery of herself. She has finally completed the full-sleeve tattoo.”

Guilty as charged…


Nature that isn’t Naughty

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Ya know, it isn’t often that I get in my “photography mood” but in reality, I feel like I’m always in the mood, I’m just not armed with my camera.  Well for a fortunate change of pace, I decided to bring out the ol’ Canon for a nice mid-morning jog the other day.  I don’t usually photograph a lot of nature…in fact, some might say I typically do the exact opposite (urban decay and human espression) but I still love it.  So in order to burn off the Busch Light from the night before and to feel somewhat productive in relation to the current day, I figured I’d go for a light run and photograph a couple things that struck me (hopefully not a car by the way, you really only need to watch the first 15 sec. of that vid to get the jist of it, but to be honest… if Busta provided the soundtrack and I could easily see the cash involved in each “swerve and jack”, I’d for sure look into real-life cheat codes…or at least put a pedestrian kiling apparatus on the ol’ camry).

It was good though, and there weren’t any maimings involved (…yet).  Morning dew, light sweat (reinforcing the productivity), and a few snapshots for the album along the way.  I was able to capture a few time-lapse vids for my upcoming “video” produced solely for the purpose of experimentation and a general result of boredom…don’t worry, it’ll probably be in a post following this one.  But enough banter, here are a few of the goods…




Hmm… seems that I just uploaded 3 of the biggest files in internet history, I apologize to all of yaz that just took a trip down code 2 avenue and came back to realize your webpage still looks like Anna Kournikova’s career (timed out).  Well once them sumbitches load, feel free to wrap your desktop with ’em.  It’s not like I’m gonna try to rip you off again by putting a binding between ’em.  Oh yea, speaking of guiltless ways I’m trying to get rich, I plan on launching a new website soon.  I know it’s only been about 9 months since I dropped my last one but times be changin’  …and hell, I’m effing bored.  I just took pictures of trees and cesspools for 2 hours for god’s sake.  Stay tuned for stuff that will most likey waste your time and/or get you fired.