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Black Lab 5ive x UAC

Posted in Creative Campaigns, Graphic Design, Print, UAC Updates with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on May 14, 2010 by bendey14

Black Lab Five is a local advertising agency/design studio here in Kalamazoo, Michigan making big things happen with a total workforce of 3. I first caught word of them a few years ago while searching for internships when I used to spend my summers back home. >>Fast forward 3 years, and whaddaya know, I’m in the studio posting up for a few days helping them out with some really badass projects.  When I say “badass,” I’m talkin’ BEER, MEAT, TATTOOS, and CLOTHING.  Sounds like my wheelhouse, right?  Just stay tuned Undergrounders, big things are going down in the ‘Zoo.

Here’s a small sample of our latest work together; the 2010 posters for the Michigan Brewer’s Guild Summer Beer Festival.

Might be part of a few ads soon, all though I’m not sure where yet.  More beer work will follow!


The UAC Tabloid Project Exposed

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I just did all these posters because work is slow… and ya’ll know I’m bored as hell.

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The UAC Tabloid Project

Posted in Artwork, Graphic Design, Print, UAC Updates with tags , , , , , , , , on April 29, 2010 by bendey14

So I was thinking the other day (yeah, I know, weird) and came to the decision that I was going to spend this week designing posters of my own favorite personal quotes.  By “personal quotes,” I mean the retarded stuff I tell myself when the going gets rough… or just phrases I think about that make me smile. I don’t want to release them all yet, but figured the 8 people that follow this blog could use a quick taste.

These 2 posters are meant to be viewed in succession and are my current favorites.  They also took a loooooong time to develop.  The random sketches are a ton of swatches I pulled from the margins of my high school/college notes over the years.  Hell, you might even see the earliest inspirations for some current paintings I’ve done!

Stay tuned for more…


The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds

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Ok, so what happened was The Weinstein Co. was all like, “we should so somethin’!” and then the SA Studios marketing division was like, “yea fo’ sho!” and then Upper Playground was all up in it with like, “hell yea, lets get it ya’ll!” and then Quentin Tarantino was all like, “helllll yeaaaa!” then 13 hand-selected artists were probably like “stop callin’ me.”  So… now we have ‘The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds‘.  It’s pretty much the best story I’ve ever heard, but believe it or not, the art is a lot better.  Suck it all in folks.  Six copies of each, priced at 300 per, only available in person in downtown L.A., guaranteed gone.

Estevan Oriol

Jeremy Fish

Alex Pardee

Patrick Martinez

Nate Van Dyke


Dora Drimalas

David Choe

Sam Flores

Munk One

Morning Breath

Rene Almanza

Skinner Davis

What’s your favorite?