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This short film by Tilles Singer is actually made of magazine clippings sliced from several skateboard magazines! Imagine all the time sunk into this!


A Quick Glance @Florian Nicolle

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Call him Florian Nicolle.  The 22-year old graphic designer and illustrator from France.  Florian, or “Neo”, has an extensive portfolio that kept me entertained for hours.  His skateboard designs originally caught my attention, which led me to his website and some of his other galleries.  They are nothing to be ignored.  I want all of these.

Check out more of his work at:

His Website



Stay tuned for the full interview with Florian “Neo” Nicolle coming soon.


The UAC + Code 2 Avenue Takeover (phase I)

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IMG_4715AHHH FINALLY!!  Sorry about the week-long hiatus.  I’ve been hard at work the past two weeks gettin’ fresh to death on an exlusive skateboard for my buddy over at Code 2 Avenue.  If ya’ll haven’t followed my past links to the Duecer’s, it’s about time you did.  Their posts always leave me laughing my ass off.


This latest piece is a skateboard for my buddy Sean and his fellow core group of guys that also run Code 2.  Before I started this one I knew I wanted to do something special.  I actually videotaped myself laying everything out and painting it and then sped it up to 2000%.  I still had to edit a few parts out to get it down to the length of one song, which by the way is titled Hayling by FC Kahuna.  You may remember it from the Paul Rodriguez trailer a few posts back.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.  Yea, the quality is pretty shotty, but I don’t think it turned out too bad for my first attempt.

Skate Vids

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I’m a sucker for slow motion and high-speed HD cameras.  I could seriously watch them all day every day.  Here are a couple skate videos with said goods that have been blowing my mind lately.  The first one is a trailer for P.Rod’s “Proof” by the Hundreds which is pretty cool, I’m definitely diggin’ the soundtrack.  The second one is definitely worth checking out.  I think it’s a promo vid for Lakai directed by Spike Jonze.  I’m not sure if this is part of a trailer or not, but whatev… I would pay good money to see more of this stuff. Make sure you watch the whole thing!

I know it’s a little long, but if you sleep on this one, you’re going to be very disappointed.