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Nature that isn’t Naughty

Posted in Artwork, Random BS with tags , , , , on July 4, 2009 by bendey14


Ya know, it isn’t often that I get in my “photography mood” but in reality, I feel like I’m always in the mood, I’m just not armed with my camera.  Well for a fortunate change of pace, I decided to bring out the ol’ Canon for a nice mid-morning jog the other day.  I don’t usually photograph a lot of nature…in fact, some might say I typically do the exact opposite (urban decay and human espression) but I still love it.  So in order to burn off the Busch Light from the night before and to feel somewhat productive in relation to the current day, I figured I’d go for a light run and photograph a couple things that struck me (hopefully not a car by the way, you really only need to watch the first 15 sec. of that vid to get the jist of it, but to be honest… if Busta provided the soundtrack and I could easily see the cash involved in each “swerve and jack”, I’d for sure look into real-life cheat codes…or at least put a pedestrian kiling apparatus on the ol’ camry).

It was good though, and there weren’t any maimings involved (…yet).  Morning dew, light sweat (reinforcing the productivity), and a few snapshots for the album along the way.  I was able to capture a few time-lapse vids for my upcoming “video” produced solely for the purpose of experimentation and a general result of boredom…don’t worry, it’ll probably be in a post following this one.  But enough banter, here are a few of the goods…




Hmm… seems that I just uploaded 3 of the biggest files in internet history, I apologize to all of yaz that just took a trip down code 2 avenue and came back to realize your webpage still looks like Anna Kournikova’s career (timed out).  Well once them sumbitches load, feel free to wrap your desktop with ’em.  It’s not like I’m gonna try to rip you off again by putting a binding between ’em.  Oh yea, speaking of guiltless ways I’m trying to get rich, I plan on launching a new website soon.  I know it’s only been about 9 months since I dropped my last one but times be changin’  …and hell, I’m effing bored.  I just took pictures of trees and cesspools for 2 hours for god’s sake.  Stay tuned for stuff that will most likey waste your time and/or get you fired.