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Wale Does Detroit

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IMG_4572Me and the fellas made a trip out to Detroit last night to get in on the Attention Deficit Tour with Wale and Colin Munroe.  Not only did we have plans to get a full course meal of DC’s own, we figured we’d wash it down with the Finally Famous after party over at Majestic with Big Sean and Drake.  Seeing how Drake’s riding off the success of my recent artwork (or maybe it’s me riding off his success?  yea, sounds ’bout right haha) I figured we’d have a pretty good chance at getting in if I ran into the right people.

Wale, Colin, Drake, Big Sean, One Be Lo, and rumors of Common, Asher, and Cudi being in town?!  Wings pull out the victory earlier in the night too?!  One epic night is beginning to unfold before us my friends… or is it?

We get to the Shelter (8 mile), which I’ve never been to before, and I immediately am reminded of Rick’s American Cafe here in East Lansing.  It’s small, it’s dark, and you feel like you might contract AIDS off the floor if you’re not wearing proper footwear.  Lucky your boy had on his DVS’s.  First up was Octane.  Never heard of him, but he damn near killed it.



Next up was One Be Lo whom I have heard of.  He did alright, but not as good as I expected.  I’ve heard quite a few of his tracks, but haven’t seen him live, maybe I was expecting something different, but whatev, it was good to see Detroit’s still goin’ hard.

One Be Lo

One Be Lo

Despite being told Big Sean was up next, it was Colin Munroe.  A little disappointed?  Yeah.  Pissed off?  Nah.  Munroe brought it even though his mic was effed.  After a short set, it was Wale’s turn.  He comes up on stage in the middle of a Twitter post on his Blackberry and I couldn’t help myself but to laugh…cuz shit…I’ll admit it…I follow him.  I know the fellas over at Code 2 do as well, and don’t act like that shit ain’t hilarious (where you at Royal).

Wale did pretty sick.  Nothing spectacular, but the venue made it worth it.  The intimacy the Shelter provides is perfect.  It wasn’t a 50 dollar show at the United Center…it was what hip hop was meant to be.  A bunch of die hard fans and a passionate artist gettin’ crazy in a mildew infested basement in the heart of downtown Detroit.  If that ain’t hip hop…someone tell me what is.

Although my camera completely sucked it’s battery pack dry 5 min. into the set, my boy DKA was able to pull through and document a bit of history.  Here’s some of the gold…


Oh yea, peep this before I forget (the perks to following Wale on Twitter)

The show finally got over at about 12:30 am and it looked like the after party at Majestic was going to be a bit over our heads.  Octane did throw out the invite to us outside…but some teamsters over here had to work in the morning and I only had $15 cash on me…maybe next time.  If anyone went, shoot me any photos you got!  (Zeph, i’m lookin’ at you son.)



Social Media and Networking

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This weeks New Media Drivers License assignment post is all about connecting with eachother.  Social networking websites haven’t been around that long, but they’re quickly becoming a great tool for connecting with valuable outlets of information and keeping in touch with people close to you. 

I’ve had a Facebook profile for going on 4 years now (you can find it here and add me as a friend!), but that’s literally the only web presence I’ve had throughout my college career.  I’ve recently jumped on board with LinkedIn and Twitter, which are quickly becoming my new favorites.  LinkedIn, very similar to Facebook, is a great way to meet people in your “industry” and connect with different networks.  Although I’ve only just started putting together my profile (much like a public resume), I can see that it is going to become a very valuable tool upon graduation and looking for a career.  People often say, “It’s not about who you are, but who you know.”  I’ve been chewing on these words for the past couple years now and I think it’s safe to say…those people are right.  You can be at the top of your class in what you do, but if you don’t have connections on the “outside” with people on the “inside”, your job search is going to be quite difficult.  I hope to use LinkedIn as a great tool to network with my peers and mentors to gain an edge when seeking a suitable career.  Connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here!

Another valuable networking website is Twitter.  The best way to describe Twitter is probably that it’s a fast-paced public update of what you’re currently doing…and it’s incredibly fun and addictive.  You’re free to post links, what your plans are for the weekend, what projects you’re tangled up in, or even just to tell people they should stay away from that McD’s on 9th street because their fryers are broken!  You can network with friends and colleagues to have their updates fed right into your home page and vice versa.  Another great thing about this site is the application to your data device or cell phone.  My cell phone currently is unable to get this feature (can’t wait to get a Blackberry), but being able to update your Twitter feed from your cell phone while stranded in bumper to bumper traffic is quite a convenience.  I hope to use Twitter to connect with my friends and colleagues to “stay in the loop” or on the same page with them.  For example, if my buddy Josh finds a great deal on NCAA March Madness tickets, he can easily let me know about it before they sell out through Twitter!   Follow me on Twitter by clicking here!