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True Colors isn’t your everyday stop motion video. It combines multiplying cubes and spray paint that seems to have a mind of it’s own among a vacant warehouse. All digital-effect free. Which may not sound all that impressive, but just wait til you watch it.

Props to Quintessenz Creation for amazing work!



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This short film by Tilles Singer is actually made of magazine clippings sliced from several skateboard magazines! Imagine all the time sunk into this!


Big Bang Big Boom

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You’ve hopefully seen a few of these stop-motion animation videos before, but if you haven’t–step your game up: MUTO and COMBO.

This latest masterpiece from the talented folks over at BLU, is absolutely incredible. I would advise everyone to set aside 10 minutes for this one, you won’t be disappointed

…Big Bang Big Boom is an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end.


Nike “Abuku”

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I realize I talk a lot about Nike, but how can’t I when they keep being involved in such cool stuff like this?!

The new Nike Air Max 360’s apparently have more air pocketed between the soles and feet than any other shoe. W+K Tokyo LAB came up with the great idea of showing this human/nature relationship with the “Nike Abuku” (which means “bubble” in Japanese).

Instead of me explaining the process poorly, check out the video below which includes some nice clips of it’s making.

Here for more info: NIKE78


The Burj Birdmen

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I absolutely love it when people do incredibly insane stuff. And don’t meet a horribly unfortunate end. And act like it’s not a big deal. And then film all of it.

These two guys take a trip to Dubai to illegally attempt the world’s first and only base jump off the Burj Tower (the world’s tallest building–still under construction).  Such a great story and footage of two guys with some serious balls.


MTV HD “Crow”

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PSYOP Studios developed a beautiful spot for MTV’s new HD network called “Crow.”  The network will feature exclusive full HD music and videos from MTV, VH1, CMT.  I’ve heard there is actually a :90 second short of Crow out there that will be shown on MTV sometime this March, but haven’t been able to find it online.

The video clip is stunning and does a beautiful job with it’s transitions.  Crow is directed by Marco Spier and Marie Hyon.  Check it out below, also some incredible stills from Dexigner!


God of Small Things

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As some of you may already know, I’ve been on a short video binge for a while.  This one uses a Canon 30D Camera, intervalometer, and a microscope to catch some nice microscopic videos.  This was done by Elo Meno Pe, my only complaint is that it isn’t long enough.  Check it out, anyone know what might have been filmed?  Some parts look like chemical reactions and boiling water.