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A Banksy Refill

Posted in Artwork with tags , , , , , , , , , , on December 22, 2009 by bendey14

Banksy is back doing what he does best;  street art that manages to always give you a swift kick in the brain.  Here are few snapshots for everyone…and hey, if you’re in the area, see them for yourself at 1 Camden High Street over in the UK.  Big shout out to Chris Burns and the underground photography of Curley and Mammal @ the World Famous Design Junkies for the overseas update.


It’s Always Sunny Underground

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me-sticker2For everyone out there that knows me personally, you automatically should be aware of my freelance art business called Underground Art Concepts.  Although Forbes ranks it at 501 on their list of Fortune 500 companies, it’s safe to say I won’t be shelling out the cash for a sticker on a Nascar quarter panel.  I do however own a handful of decals that I regularly hand out to anyone that wants one.  Now you have to understand that Underground Art Concepts was first put into motion after a very close brush with death that I experienced back in the day while writing…but that isn’t what this post is about, I’ll save that story for another day.  So yes, you should immediately realize that I’ve spent some time ducking security cameras, red and blue light bars, and spend consecutive nights with different colored finger tips (my interview).  Underground Art Concepts is essentially me legally doing my graffiti for people that want to pay for it… except you won’t ever find any ads in my school newspaper, this business relies heavily on my fellow Undergrounders’ word of mouth, or in this case, word of sight.

My good buddy DKA and I have been seeing my UAC decals popping up around campus for quite some time now.  After a low-key night of NBA Jam on the SNES, a handful of beers, and our dissatisfaction of basic Comcast cable, we decided a pleasant stroll (no homo) through East Lansing’s binge drinking sector could offer a nice change of pace.  Armed with our cameras and our shared passion for the Underground scene of graffiti, we partook on a satisfying night of graff-culture and some degree of flattery for my own exponentially growing ego.  Here are a few of the night’s (and previous days) favorites…


A big thanks to my Underground street team…whoever you may be.

During our voyage, I was able to capture a few scrawlings that I found a little humorous.  I don’t know who this Origin guy is either, but he seems to be just about everywhere.  Stay up!


Spelling FAIL.  "See me after class..."

Spelling FAIL. "See me after class..."